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Name: magicallife
Location: washington
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 07 Aug 2013

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Hi my name is Gregory King, you may know my other profile which was gagged by a immature moderator, which I will have be reported. My other profile was Devilspower. Oh and before I forget I am also gay. Now onto bigger and more important matters, so I came onto this site for about a total of 9 months, I am very experienced, I know that magick is not able to make you a vampire, nor can it turn you into a mermaid. I know that a spell feels to good to be true, it probably is. Never make a deal with a witch, because if it involves supernatural deals, you will get the blunt end of it. I tell you that to you because in all aspects witches or any other magick user, has a way to make a deal close for the worse, I can tell you that magick is no simple colors its shades. I say that it depends on your religion, and no one should judge your religion.

Magick or magyc or whatever you call it in your religion, it takes dedication, that means sometimes (most of the time) you can't do it all in one night, that is were preparations come in. In order to do a spell or incantation right you got to take your time, DO NOT speed, because you will end up making a error and in that error could result into something bad.

Okay the Wicca circle: Most of the time this has been rewritten to fit most peoples religion or way of thinking, most Wicca start were the sun rises (the East) and then they make a full circle that way, doesn't matter how wide it is.

What Not to Message me:

I am a very busy person,and can not be bothered with simple messages, I will answer some of them, I will answer questions about magic or were to find stuff. I will not answer to hi or how are you in the first message. I will ask if you will head the subject bar with either Question or None Question when sending me a message.

A little more about me:

My Zodiac Sign is: Cancer

My Religion is: Wicca

My current study is: High School.

A scale of wisdom: 8 but most people can be wise.

Magic or magick isn't fun and games. It takes dedication and time and preparations, and sometimes years of practice. No one knows all there is to know about magick not even me....I am willing to learn and teach all I can.

I also know about energies and how to move the energy through your body.

Okay I don't mean to hurt people's beliefs but to be honest that there is not existence of vampires and were wolfs if there are, then there is no way to turn into them. People who believe they can turn into something they are not, then they should not use magic, I will ask a person who says that, then show me you can transform, because I may be a witch, but I and a lot of others know where our boundaries lie.


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