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Name: InkyZ
Birthday: Nov 18 1996
Location: Alabama
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 28 May 2012

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hey what's up it's Hailie Tykara Shontaer. I'm not new to magic but I got into it a while ago but forgot about it. And by a while ago I mean when I was 10 when my brother's spirit started following me around. His name's Nico and he's kind of annoying. I'm 14 years old and turning 15 in November. I get premonitions and I speak prophecies once in a while. If I don't write them down as soon as I get them I usually forget them. Here's one of them that I don't understand:

Heaven's flames turn to gold

Another story shan't be told

Rise, sleeping one...


Awaken from ye slumber!

These souls are plentiful by the number.

Fates and furies, smell the blood!

There shall be a feast tonight!

I have a lot more but they're in my room in a notebook I have. I can do tarot card readings scarily accuratley. I gave my friend Roland one and he freaked out. I really need to know more about why this stuff happened to me. I always want to know more about magick and the ways of wicca. It's really interesting to me and I connect to it more than Christianity or Judism et. al.

So, going on to the non-freaky stuff, I got to a private-eliteish school called ASFA. I write novels and short stories in my free time and do a LOT of reading. I like hanging out with my friends and random people. I'm "mexicasian" as Courtney calls me (mexican-asian) even though I'm not Mexican. Roland calls me Inky Z because I always have writing on my arms, legs, hands, neck, etc. I really don't know where the Z came from, though. My mom always spazzes out on me for it, but I couldn't care less. I'm "unique" and in love with a boy who thinks I'm a liar (which I'm not) and trusts the wrong people who will betray him in the near future (premonition) and bad things will happen. I'm depressed because my BFFEALADFAOE Isabelle Vounteraunt died and a bunch of other stuff has happened in life. I keep a straight face and try not to cry and no one notices. I guess I can't change the past.

R.I.P Isabelle Vounteraunt,

June 4, 2011

You will be missed.

BFFEALADFAOE (Best friends forever even after life and death for all of eternity)

Yours truly,



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