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Name: Hell_spawn
Location: In a magical cave that strangely allows my computor to work..............At home,where else do you think my location is -.-
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 21 Apr 2013

Membership: Member

Personal Bio

I am 18 years old.

Occult name: " Arugal Bane "

Enjoy long walks in the night and i really hate warm days where you sweat.

My zoadic sign is the taurus.

My element is Earth .

I also want to point out that im not new to magic,i have over 3 years of knowledge in Magic.

What I practice:

I mainly practice Energy Manipulation,dont really like to cast Circles,Good luck spells and such (Dont see the great big use for them)

What i really hate:

-People who are depressed and have nothing better to do and keeps posting them on their profile saying my life sucks or life isnt worth living and whats more annoying is that they put photos of drawings that symbolises sadness and have such ridiculous pictures of broken hearts,for the love of God nobody cares if you are sad or if you had a bad childhood,this is a website of magic,not some Dr.phill site where you post your troubles.

-People who claim that they are mystical creatures,such as demons,unicorns,vampires,werewolfs and etc.

I hate to ruin your dream world,but you arent fooling anyone that has a working brain and you wont get attention if that's what you are looking for.

-People who practice the dark arts and have those rude and *i dont care about anyone* personalities. Who are you guys trying to copy,Voldemort??

Practicing the dark arts doesnt mean you are suppose to be like Voldemort or any other dark wizard from the movies.

I really wanna see you Voldemort wannabees go to a local shop and shout out to the cashier *how dare you not give me 50% discount,i curse you*

-A small advice to you all is that life is harsh,best thing you can do is get SERIOUS -

And one last thing,please dont send me any messages stating only *Hi* or *sup* Please people,try to make your messages a bit longer or else i will immediatly delete it >:(


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