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Name: TylerIsFree
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 04 Jun 2011

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Personal Bio

My name is tyler.

Im a guy, and im straight.

Just saying, my hair is kinda, not usually seen. Right now... its blue and has a feather in it (blue and black).

I love reading, ill read anything, but sometimes im embarressed by it when people are curious because its not what you would expect someone to read, i like horror and fiction.

I also dislike punctuation, just saying.

My favorite colors would be: cool colors (green, blue and purple) i like deep purples that you can get lost in, most shades of blue, and some green.

Favorite stuff to do would be: drinking (not alcohol just like coke or juice - flavored water) raving, reading, what ever comes to my mind when im thinking (i think fast - 1 thought can make me think of a totally different thought) yeah i can do sports (what ever one) i can do them all but not as good as most other people - just good to the extent where people cant call me bad at sports - also concerts and photographs (not usually people) speaking of photos - mine is supposed to be clouds and the sun which i took but i dont know if it has loaded yet or not

I have no idea of anything, if it isnt taught in school or from a fictional book it confuses me (and math).

Right now i would say im christian, but i have certian beliefs that dont really pertain to christianity (i dont think, dont really study religion aside from apocalyptic stories)

i would love to learn anything and everything

my current goal is simply to graduate high school with as many honors as i can. (shows how young i am)

i question mostly everything with why or how (no stupidly of course)

im described as brilliant, smart, beast, and awesome by my friends. im pretty care free but i am serious about certain stuff, i dont like holding grudges and i usually dont, but if im repeatly wronged ill have dislike but it vanishes quickly untill im wronged again

most people have problems with me - my true friends wonder how some one could have a problem with me when im so relaxed

most of what i enjoy is done in secrecy because if someone found out id feel persecuted because my family is not, i repeat, is not, tolerant to anything. but i am. i dont know why im so different, im not adopted, i look just like my mother. maybe its because of how life has treated me (not fondly)

so sorry its long

im always looking for help learning anything

especially around here (since i havent been in such an enviroment)

by the way im sagittarius, straight, and named Tyler (but you can call me anything as long as its not obscene)


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