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Name: Bluedeath21
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This is the problem with Spells of Magic, this site is moderated by a bunch of fat ass stuck up white people with Nazi agendas who think they are smarter than everyone else on this site. They let their ego get to them. They think "Ahh Im an mod yippee now people have to respect me because I?m such a fucking loser in real life I cant earn anyones respect in my immediate area so ill get respect on some ridicules stupid ass wiccan website" They use the threat of "Gagging" people who disagree or disrespect them, and honestly most mods on this site aren?t worth pissing on. Now there are some mods on this site who are cool, as in they dont let their ego get to them, they are really nice and enforce the rules on this site like they are suppose to, well there are some mods who take their position way too seriously. Well I got news for you brother that position isnt worth shit, if you think otherwise well youre a fucking loser.

NEWS FLASH most of these mods are uninitiated cock suckers with irrational believes and oppressive Nazi agendas. Not only do some of them claim to be gurus (total horse-shit), THEY ARE FUCKING NUTS AND FULL OF FUCKING SHIT! The reason why this web site is going to shit is because of the shitty people who moderate this website, and the really sad thing is its only a few bad apples, this site use to be kick ass, now it fucking sucks because of these fucking losers. Its true they are fucking losers they think they will get respect because of some bull-shit position. Guess what, no ones gives a fuck whos dick you sucked to get that stupid ass position, I judge a man by his actions, not by his position on a web-site I mean come on man!

We can partially blame Petrarcas fat ass of why this web site has gone to shit because its his responsibility to make sure that ridicules people are NOT appointed mod positions. Because once you give a ridicules person a position of moderator its only a matter of time before they make ridicules decisions. Most of them are just mean nasty bullies. I dont know how moderators are appointed and honestly I dont give a rats fuck.

And whats this Keep the chat pg-13 theres kids on this site. Well why the fuck is SOM selling Vagina and penis candles Thats R rated if you ask me, that not suitable for children. So why the fuck cant we swear once in a while on the chat Ill tell you why, because this web site is ran by a fucking fat ass hypocrite thats why.

And then we have the psychopaths on this web site, the ones who practice black magick to attack their enemies Stupid motherfuckers like, only to name a few, BaSingSe, In_peace, Murderface17, Blue_Wolf. These people are sick, they are deeply mentally disturbed backwards thinking motherfuckers. And I hope for the sake of mankind they get the psychiatric help they so desperately need.


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