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Name: MoonDemondx
Birthday: Apr 23 1997
Location: In the relm of dispare
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 05 Jun 2011

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hello there I'm guessing you want to read my bio eh, ^_^ well no need to keep you waiting.





Gender:female(as if it isn't obvious)

Religion:Jesus criste(but I would lov to here others opinion


eye coler:green



i am I very understanding outgoing loving girl

Unless you get on my dark side then you better pray

For a Mirical because once you get me angry

I won't forget about you I'll keep trying untill you

Are dead! But I don't get angry so easily



Yea,yea I no what your thinking but I'm shure

Everyone has had a experience

Ok so I was with my friend Katie and we were

Talking to the borde and I swear I seen someone

Something in the corner of my eye! It looked like a

Women so noing the crazy me I go over and say hi

And all of a sudden the cup flew of the table! We asked

The spirit we wer talking to was a boy named boe

We have talked to him before I asked who that was

And he said his mom and he said I scared her cuss

She has no eyes and later I talked to her and I said

Sorry for scaring her and she said it was ok. But boe

Used to liv in my house his dad murders him in my

Own home his dad also killed his mom his sister died

In a car fire.



ok well you all know that outcast at school the

One that's different and weird....that's me :/

I don't get along with people I developed sooner

Then everyone els and I get picked on and called

A slut and a whore it's just stupid!



ok I usually don't get this angry but I don't know why

But this is how it went me and my friend Tasha

Was sitting down and some of the popular kids were

In front of us(snobs-_-)there names were Kenna

And Riley and Kenna turns around and says fukking

Quit to Tasha and Tasha says no! A min later Riley

Turns around and hits me in the vajins I was gonna punch

Her but I held it in by just calling her a vajina toucher

And then she hits me in the head and well that did it

I got up pulled her hair balk started punching her in her nose

Through her on the ground and stomped on her face

I wasn't gonna stop! I wanted to keep doing it! But a bunch of

Ppl got me off she had a bloody nose.



My father left me when I was littil and my mother beet

Me she would get my grandpa to take me to the basement

And beet me with a fly swater my grandpa didn't wanna

Do it I could see it in his eyes but my mother would slap

Him and force him to go to the nursing home :( I love my

Grandpa so much my grandparents wer so good to me the

Best part....they loved me:) and I can't wait to see them again

My grampa would hav strokes alot my mother yelled at him

Like it was his fault. He died maybe 6 years ago but my mother

Would beet me still and she liked to do it when my friends came over

It was really emberising this went on for 10 years I fought bakk

So she stoped but at night I would cry cuss I just wanted a normal

Family parents who cared about me! People say I should love my

mom but she's not my mom to me she's a monster.



I am able to tell the futchure like when I told you about my

Fight well that morning I swear I new something bad was gonna

Happen I just thought I was crazy but that night I put 2 and 2

Together thus has happen manny other times as well



id like to thank...

The person who made this sight loves u!

The mods I lov u guys yer so awsome ...Psshhh

No I'm not sucking up Psshh Psshh o.0



Fare well my bio stalkers :) I made it this far here's a cookie

-throughs cookie- ^_^

Anything els just ask. Bye bye now my littil strawbery tickle



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