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Name: totsi4
Birthday: Feb 2 1996
Location: Greece
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 20 May 2011

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I am a guy from Albania but I live in Greece. I like folk magic the most. I'm open to any girl who wants to speak! I have recently started to study about tradition on my country and folk magic of Albania, even the Internet hasn't helped me so much, I will find my information by asking my grandfather and my grandmother. My grandmother knows to cast spell and I will ask her help.

If you want to contact me you can do so via facebook.

My name is John Johnny

And my email is

Well I don't hate justin bieber as a person. I hate "idolism" generally. There are some people who have talent and then they become famous. After they become famous they forget real life and many other things. And they like being in a stage hearing millions of voices calling their name. They don't just call but they get mad, they get crazy, they want to be like them, they start to hate themselves. And the others called "celebrities" or "idols" don't care about anything except their career and their profit. They just enjoy being called "gods". Mad people who are called fans create altars with their photos and pray to god one day to be like the people in the pictures. Why shouldn't great people, like doctors, scientist... be respected, not idolized but shown a little respect, a little REAL respect, for saving lives, saving this fucking planet from diseases, disasters and many other bad things, why shouldn't they respected? They must be the famous in this planet and not singers, dancers, actors...

"stars" just amuse us! But important people save us!

why should I know these "stars"? Do they know me? They don't care just a fucking little about us! They just want their fame and their profit!

This is ridiculous! Are we humans? Do we have human brains? If we were a little of what we call ourselves then we would simply understand such things!

But don't worry that's why we are called the offspring of the monkeys.


Today the only "god" is the money! If you don't have money you are nothing! A god which has prophets, his prophets are media and the "famous stars" instead of listening on the news about Japan's condition, what is happening in Syria you hear about Pattinson, about Bieber, about Brand Pitt about any other fucking star! And why so? Just to amuse us so they have they money! And what they do the money they win? They spend them to buy labeled clothes, jeweleries, shoes, do plastic surgery, when people die, when people don't have a bottle of water to drink, a simple shoe to wear, a little food to eat!

WAKE UP! When you are amused you can't think, that's why you are stupid, YOU MUST STUDY AND LEARN.

Why were gossip shows created?

It's simple! To amuse you so you won't think and you can be fooled easily, you are just a jerk if you are fooled so easily. DO NOT RUN FROM YOUR PROBLEMS BECAUSE THEY WILL FOLLOW YOU IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE IF YOU DON'T ELIMINATE THEM! Why were drugs and alcohol created? To make you believe you don't have problems! A 15 years old girl died from alcohol died. Two guys older than her wanted to rape her while she would be drunk. But her death was fatal!

When you will thank the place you live, the place you come from, the jungle, when you will care about the environment, when you will care about your neighbor, when you will forgive your enemy, when you will forget the profit and fame, when you will love your life, then you will be called a HUMAN.

Then you will be the intelligent being you call yourself!

Congratulations! You have made it! You are now a human!!

Or you don't! You should read this and understand this. Then you should read it again, see what have you done wrong and understand it again and correct your fault but then you should again read this, see what have you done wrong and understand it again and correct your fault, then you should do it again and again and again and again until you FEEL like a HUMAN. FEEL not think you are a Human!

If you think you have talent and want to be a real "star" you should first become a HUMAN!

What does that mean!??

It means CHANGE

When you change yourself you will change your friend, then your neighborhood, then your city, then your country then the whole world!

A small city can give change if they believe and WANT what they are doing. Before making this society perfect, it will never be perfect but we can make it better, we first should clean "this shit"!

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."

? Jimi Hendrix

If you agree with me just put this on your profile!


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