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Name: Roze
Birthday: Oct 31 1993
Location: USA
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 24 Jun 2011

Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
First thing, YES my Birthday is Samhain. I can prove it.

I will probably call you 'sir' or 'miss' its a force of habit.

So just over look it. I am very random, and artistic. I have been called a Renaissance man... i guess in my case woman.

Favorite made up words: rawrsome; awesomesaucyness; and scaloobish

smoke/drink: I am trying to quit/ Socially

Interested In: Men and Women

Relationship Status: In a relationship with Thomas Gravitt

Anniversary: March 9, 2011

Age: 17

witchery: I am a Psychic vampire; I can connect with cats; I'm a fast healer; i can see, feel and sense auras; I'm very good at communicating with some spirits; i can astral project; I've had premonitions; I've connected with my best friend that there is a level of empathy i feel from her; I've been able to know when some people are really upset very easily; And lastly, i can see spirits day and night, constantly. I've been a pagan since my mother and father(s) have been teaching me ever since i was a young one :] I always found it to be fun, and to this day i still enjoy it. People enjoy my company when it comes to Ouija boards, because the spirits like to talk to me. I still don't know why. But its interesting. I am a fast learner. I've recently started to study voodooism.

Favorite Colours: Limegreen, Electric Blue, and Deep Purple.

Likes: -Spider man/ Batman -The Joker -music -poetry -dancing -raving/DDR/Just dance -skating -swimming -flowers -snow -Animals; spiders;crows-ravens; fish;cats;scorpions;wolfs;pandas;pigs;elephants;giraffe;DINOSAURS :) -Fire -Water -night walks -rain -rainbows -art -reading -scary movies -video games -dressing up -acting -vampires -Getting drunk -grave yards

Dislikes: -fakes -pizza -mac-n-cheese -Meat -hate talking about religions.-wasting my time

List of bands: -My Chemical Romance -Norma Jean -Slipknot -Emilie Autumn -Marilyn Manson -Black Veil Brides -Lady Gaga -BC13 -Anarbor -Within Temptation -Evanescence -Kill Hannah -AFI -ICP -Green Day -Good Charlotte -Metallica -Avril Lavigne -Everclear -Escape The Fate -Bullet For My Valentine -Breaking Benjerman -Basshunter -Seether -Apocalyptica -All Time Low -There For Tomorrow -Fall Out Boy -Floggy Molly -Fly Leaf -Owl City -Panic At The Disco -Paramore -The Used -Three Days Grace -30 Seconds To Mars -The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus -3 Oh! 3 -Get Scared [and much more ]


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