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Name: obatala
Birthday: Apr 5 1963
Location: London,United kingdom
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 08 Apr 2011

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All About Magic - Important information on the principles of energy magic

All Sorts - Magic covers EVERYTHING we do - awake, asleep and in between ...

Beauty Spells - Beauty spells, glamors, glamours, spells and rituals to do with how others see us and/or how we see ourselves.

Essences - Every thing has its own nature and its own essence. A lot of magic is about combining essences to get a good result.

Essential Magic - Those things that no magician, beginner or otherwise, should leave home without.

Fairy Magic - Fairies are funny things and have a magic all of their own ...

First Aid Spells - Desperate? Need something quick and simple? Check out the quick first aid spells.

Fun - Magic is LIGHT. All those dour old men with their convoluted methods have beaten the JOY out of magic. Let's bring it back!

Health Spell - Spells, rituals, mediations and magic healing by any other name.

Love Spell - Love, relationships spells and magic, including how to break up and heal the heart.

Magic 4 Beginners - Simple, straightforward magic spells, potions, rituals and meditations, lessons for beginners in magic.

Magic 4 Kids - Particularly suited for playing with magic and kids and children. Where were you when I was a kid?!

Magic Art - Magic and art come from the same place. Which is why magic art is such a powerful thing.

Magic Charms - Magic charms, magic jewellery, amulets, keepsakes, guardians, totems and more.

Magic Potions - No, we can't turn your teacher into a slug. But there's much you can do with magic potions...

??Magic Properties - The magical properties of ... things like crystals, salt, metals, herbs, colours - everything has magical properties!

Magic Stories & Poems - I think the title says it all.

Meditation - Magic meditations are essential practice for magic skills but they are also as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.

Metaphysical Art - That's the same as magic art, we keep this section around for the keyword because people look for metaphysical art.

Misc Spells - Spells for all sorts of occasions, from the cradle to the grave, and probably from conception to re-incarnation as well.

Money Spell - Money spells, prosperity spells, rituals, meditations, all things to do with the shiny golden coin.

Online Divination - Tarot, Genius Symbols, the magic 8 ball, the fire spell, the wishing well and more besides.

Protection Spells - Someone got their evil eye on you? Protection spells and protection charms, rituals for you and those you love.

??Psychic Skills - No one can be a great magician without having their psychic circuitry online. Here's how to develop your psychic skills.

Recipe - Soup, potion, cocktail - if it is magic, and it has a recipe, it's to be found here.

Reviews & Recommends - Reviews of magic related books, films etc. and personal recommendations of magical things.

??Ritual - Oooh now it's getting serious ... magic rituals and such ...

Spell Solutions - Do you have a problem? There may be a spell solution.

Spirituality - Magic comes from THE SOUL. It doesn't get any more "spiritual than that, does it!

Ask me - Quick answers, advice, magic advice, spells requested by me obatala(all names have been changed!).

Angels & Guardians

Animal Magic

Beauty & Glamour

Health & Healing Spells

Home & Garden Spells

Love & Relationships

Magic Questions

Feel free to ask me ?Main Magic Information, Spells and Magical Activities or you can easily contact me through my email or


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