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Name: SelenaMoon
Location: Eastern Mountains
Gender: Female
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I am deeply honored to have been Coven High Priestess for 3 yrs, and now I sit happily on the Coven Council to serve our Priestess JadeRose!

Born and raised a Roman Catholic, I continue to practice my Christian Faith as an adult but entwined with Wicca. I have always had an interest in Magick, Witches, and Dragons from a very young age. Now, I continually expand my knowledge thru reading and researching daily about the Wiccan Religion and my Christian Faith. In doing so, I find that the two compliment each other beautifully.

I now consider myself to be more of an Gnostic Christian in Faith. There is so much more to be learned when we step outside the teachings of the church. With discoveries of the lost gospels (Gnostic gospels), the missing pieces of the Holy Bible are found and we can become so much closer to the All Mighty. By opening our hearts to the beautiful ways of Wicca, we find the All Mighty not only within ourselves but within everyone and everything! We learn to respect all life, and love ourselves more deeply. Thru this joint path, I have become closer to our Lord & Lady than I ever believed I could.

I believe in the paranormal and existance of the Spirit Realm. I am a Spirit Communicator, and paranormal object collector. I work with crystal magick, healing herbs & oils, and the elements of fire and water. Several autumn's ago, I developed the gift of hearing tree spirits and I always listen closely when they awaken each spring!

My closest companion & familiar is my Tabby Cat. He is bound to me as though he was my child. He is very intuitive to the spirit world as I have seen him commune with our dog who has passed on, and his interactions with many of my spirits. He also enjoys being inside my casting circle!

I do not have any children but I am happily married to a wonderful man who emits limitless amounts of positive energy, and is kind hearted to all he meets. He is very sensitive to hearing and feeling spirits, and he is gifted at working & building with his hands.

As a Christian, I look to God the Father, and God the Son, and I seek guidance from the Holy Spirit. My Goddess is Sophia and I extend prayers to the Virgin Mary.

My genealogy has shown my family origin is from Avellino Italy, near the City of Witches - Benevento Italy. My magick is Stegheria. My Magickal Strength comes from Diana the Moon Goddess and for my wisdom and knowledge I look to her daughter the Goddess Aradia whom I honor.

I believe that all things in nature come from the Almighty are one with him. These gifts are here to enhance our lives. Crystal energies and herbs found in natural elements are here for us to use in His name for the good of mankind. Using these gifts with Magick is a form of prayer and thanks to God/Goddess when used as positive white light.

Christian faith states God's greatest Commandment is to "Love One Another", treat others as you would yourself, and Love yourself as God loves you... Our Wiccan Rede emmulates these same teachings stating "Ye harm none, do as ye will. What ye send out, comes back to thee... the rule of three!"

Blessed Be to All,

Selena Moon )O(


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