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Name: VenusSatanas
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I am Venus Satanas. I have had an interest in the occult for many years. I am a theistic Satanist. I am independent. I enjoy the occult, magic, tarot and spirituality. Many have seen my videos on youtube where I discuss the various practices of Satanism.

Independent Satanism is the path for me. I do not belong to any organizations. I walk alone. But, I do enjoy speaking with other satanists who are also independent. Together with the Satanist known as nocTifer [author, The Gospel of Satan], we created a place to network with other independents, that we named the HISS [The Horde of Independent Satanists] to discuss various topics on Satanism with other Satanists who have similar independent interests. Also recently i have communed with Lee Darkermaster Banks ( author of Rational Satanism) about the new satanic movement

Satan has been the guiding force in my life. I discovered Satanism in 1992 after a trip to the library enabled me to find the book, "The Church of Satan". I read about Anton LaVey and his life, and the power of Satanism appealed to me in a personal way. Satanism became my path after I created my own personal pact with the Dark Lord, promising to serve Satan by serving others.

The most rewarding part of this is experience in Satanism is what this has enabled me to do with my life. Satan, as a guiding force, has allowed me to live according to my potential. Satan has given me strength and purpose through the process of self realization. Satan has allowed for opportunities that have helped me along the way. Most of all, Satan has been the inspiration that I turn to whenever I desire.

My personal role in Satanism is to help others to help themselves. That is the goal of my writings at my website and with my videos. I do not think that others are helped by giving them rules to follow and stories to believe in. My focus is on practice, and practical knowledge in Satanism and magic. So, at this website I discuss my experiences in Satanism so that others can learn by example. Satanism is about individuality, and it is only through practice that the Satanic life can be experienced


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