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Name: k.flamers
Location: id rather not tell you right now
Gender: Female
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it doesnt matter if the water was from home, or from accross the world. it doesnt matter where the apple falls, or when it decides to fall. in magick, what matters is how you see it and how you use it. doesnt matter if its for one purpose solely or if it was for several. its still magick.

magick isnt just spells or rituals. its a lifestyle. magick to one can be spells, candles, book to carry around. but to another it could be the plants around them and the sky above them. magick is a way of life. magick is the energy around us. the trees we see. the flowers we smell. the birds we hear. feelings we feel. and even what we taste.

it doesnt change your outer self. but if you choose the path it affects your innerself. may be possitive. may be negative. thats for you to choose.

on with the bio.

hi! im kara! usually im friendly and chirpy but if theres something wrong, im terrible at hiding it. i think before i act and act before i think. just like any person does from time to time. my way of saying things may come off wrong, but if you look at the deeper message, youll see. so i gues basic information now.

kitchen witch. not caster. but know things about casting.

im a big herb fan, divinator, and astral projection person :D. if there is something i dont know i confront google, my best friend. you should do the same its really helpful. if i still struggle to figure it out i ask. i have taught in second sight and at a magick school, but please dont ask me to be a teacher for you.

i enjoy reading books about herbs the most. i find animals to be spiritual and more close to nature then most people. my favorite type of divination is to see through actions, though not sure what to call it. favorite holiday? yule. it reminds me that each day is a new start and is a new day from yesterdays troubles.

i love to answer questions. if you have any, and you want, go ahead and ask i dont mind helping. infact i love to help. if you see me around, and i dont answer, im in forum. i love to see what i can help with there.

im not the smartest, but im not the dumbest. i know if i just believe in myself, i can do it.

so thats a bit about me.

helpful tip time!

elements should be balanced. chakras should be balanced. if you think about it, nothing is truely good, nothing is truely bad. but its balanced. learn to balance your life, energy, etc.

some plants love sun, some dont. some love water, some dont. some do one thing, some do another. please, if your going to be a herbalist, please know how to take care of each plant before you try.

if your going to choose a religion, which i see no point in, research several before choosing. dont just look at one and fly right into it.

learn basics before spells, rituals, etc. basically...dont dive straight into it.

meet as many people as possible and keep an open mind. closed minded people tend to not be liked.

dont worry what others think about you, just let yourself be you.

dont be"in the closet" be honest. its your lifestyle, why hide it.

~k.flamers, a.k.a. kara


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