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Name: Magustaus02
Last Seen: Sat, 16 Apr 2011

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I am a person that believes in the KISS principle, meaning keep it simple stupid. I follow this philosophy, both in my work, and in my daily life. It helps me greatly in many ways, such as not complicating things.

My reasons for joining this website are really boredom when I am not working, as I live in a foreign country and the local language is one I've never been good at. That's it really. I have no great altruistic need or motivation to help people in the study of magic, as I think it is a course that often does more harm than good when studied as an art, since there is no magic.

Firstly what is magic you may ask? Good question, and quite simply put, magic is all forms of action, regardless of what they might be. When you move your finger, that is magic, change a tire, that is magic. Magic is simply put creating change in reality in conformity with will. That means that, any time you apply your will and create change, you are doing magic. There is nothing complex, new age, or guru like about this explanation, it is the simple truth, and one most people do not want to hear or accept when faced with, that this really is all magic is.

No, people wish to believe that magic is some real, separate force that exists in the universe, that you tap into, control, manipulate though will, instead of a simple action, which isn't all that simple when you get right down to it, so don't make it even more complex than it already is.

Sadly such every day common sense, logic, and reason is lost on most. Most people choose to believe that there not only is magic, that it is some real, living force, but that there are different areas of magic, disciplines, and within each there is some special criteria one must meet in regards to training, study, ritual, of course all this nonsense really.

Now, if one understands how changing reality in conformity with will really works, well they can indeed change the world, but they won't be doing it with any spell. Real magic is the ability to affect change in conformity with will, any kind of change. We do it everyday. It is the lessons learned about how to actually create change in the world that impart real power. Sometimes these lessons are hidden within the seemingly nonsensical crap from ages past, things like spells, rituals, sigils, and other arcane nonsense. If you did not figure out the meaning, the hidden message, than you were not worthy, and in turn the false lessons led you down a road which went no where, as just about everyone that studies magic is going today, no where. There is no magic.

To say there is magic is the same as saying there is action before action is taken. There is not. Action does not exist by itself. It does not do anything because there is nothing there to do anything. Action only takes place when a will decides to take an action, fulfill a goal, make real a vision. In turn someone acts, and boom, there is a result, a change. If no one decided to will that change to be, there would be nothing, and there is nothing, just as there is no magic.

Once you realize this it shakes your beliefs to the very foundation of your being, which is why someone like myself is not someone people wish to hear speak. Magic as it is practiced today is more delusion than reality, if not all delusion. People do not like to have their delusions challenged, believe you me.

The occult world is filled with hucksters, fakes, most of those in this world are in fact fakes.

There is no magic. Talk of orbs and crystal balls and gems that do this or that, is all utter nonsense. The only actual power is within you. Only you shape and change the world around you. No gem or piece of wood or potion can do anything whatsoever. The real power of magic is knowing how to harness will, focus, faith, self knowledge and self mastery to affect change in the world for the betterment of yourself and mankind. This will never be accomplished through spells, rituals, chanting, moaning, words on a page, sigils, or anything else. These things were created by those who were true masters of magic throughout the ages so as to confuse, and lead those who were not worthy of understanding the real secrets of the universe down the wrong path. All the nonsense people do today is for the most part a holdover from all the crap created in ages past, misunderstandings and false teachings given voice by those who did not wish to share their secrets.

You will not find the secrets to controlling the universe in any book of spells, they have no power. You will not find those secrets on any website, believe you me. The secrets to controlling the universe lie within you, they always have, and always will.

Feel free to continue wasting your time studying nonsense designed to slow you down and lead you down the wrong path if you like. The secrets to changing the world and yourself for the better, or the worse, has nothing to do with spells, rituals, sacrifice, wands, amulets, all these things are nonsense, mere affectation. Everyone here has been misled by thousands of years of false information.

There is no magic, once you learn this lesson, only than can you start to explore yourself, and start down the path of self mastery. Only when you let go of preconception based upon false teachings, only then can you be free to truly to explore what real magic really is, and how it can change your life for the better. Good luck, and take care.


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