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Name: Neo.Orsa
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 14 Aug 2011

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~My Name~

My name is Neorsa. I created this name out of the Latin translation of two words, Neo-new and Orsa-beginning. I brought them together to make one name, Neorsa, and thus by doing so ask for the chance at a new beginning.

In our lives we all make mistakes, we all mess up, and at times we are allowed new beginnings, rebirths of ourselves so we can start all over again without the fear that our past will continue to haunt us. Many of us fear the past, or cling to it for one reason or another, however many of us also wish, hope, and dream for a chance at a new beginning, a chance to start all over again, knowing what we know now so hopefully we will not make the same mistakes.

That is what my name is, that's what my name means. It is me asking for a chance at the new beginning I wish, hope, and dream for. It is me asking that my past mistakes be forgotten and that I am given a chance at starting again, at being allowed to start again.

~My Experience in Magick~

Currently I am somewhere above a newb, but below most of the serious people I know, so maybe I am at some sort of intermediate phase in my learning. I have used basics for a while, but only recently I got into magick in general. This means that while I do know some stuff, and can do more advanced things, that I am still learning things that many of the actually serious magick practitioners know how to do already.

My studies consist of anything that I run into, and anything I feel I can incorporate into my practice. Right now I am looking into Heka (Egyptian magick), shamanic practices, tarot, and stones, but this expands into anything that I may randomly run into at any given time and decide I could use and learn.

Currently I am working on connecting to a higher self and working with two spirit guides, however as that goes on as best I can I will be learning and practicing many other things.

~My Beliefs~

My beliefs really don't consist of much as I make my own path as I go along. I like learning about other paths and other ways of doing things and incorporating them into my own beliefs if they fit or at least parts of them seem truthful to me).

~Me in General~

I am a nice person when I want to be, but I can also be not so nice. I tend to treat everyone with respect until they show themselves unworthy of my respect in some fashion. After that I will treat them with whatever I deem worthy.

I am not a very vindictive person, though those that don't know me well believe me to be because I tend to say and do things that come off differently then they actually are intended to.

I make alot of mistakes, and will probably continue to do so my whole life, but it is through my mistakes that I learn. I am a generally happy person and try to get along with everyone.


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