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Name: Asariel
Location: next to my great love
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 16 Mar 2011

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name?, haha! i have many of them as well as faces, scary to think what would one i find if they saw them all.


well i am a daughter of the light, a blue spirit and i love water! (i wander if it has anything to do with being a pises?)

i love the angels and spirits of the water, and no i am not a fluff, i can be kind, but as the seas do, i can turn for the worst if you tempt my fury!

mostly calm waters though.^^

i LOVE chocolate!!!

i am a learning and will never except the title "master" or "teacher" of anything for i do not think my self worthy of ever being so.

i love the spirit world and always did since i was little.

and i love my great friend,lover, and companion, my sweat teddy, with out i would not be here today.

do you find me interesting(in a good way,lol)?

drop me a few lines! i would be glad to meat you and show you all the love in the world of friendship. ^^ see ya!


archangel Asariel is the angel governing the waters of the earth, and also one of the twenty-eight angels governing the twenty-eight mansion of the moon.

Archangels Asariel's gifts and strengths are:

Intuition, Dreams, Emotions, Spirituality, Inner Soul Life.

Archangel Asariel guards the fluid and empathic energies of our subconscious and our creative essences. This Archangel also has dominion over the waters of the earth and the abundance of life that exists there.

It was the combination of sun and water which ignited the beginnings of life on our planet and it is the growth that occurs within the fluid and ever changing properties of our seas, oceans and rivers that Archangel Asariel nurtures, guides and empowers. The deep ocean of our spirits fall under this Archangels watchfulness.

Influencing Pisces in the zodiac Archangel Asariel has an important part in our dreams and our intuitive wisdom. It is the essence of creativity which comes not from our hearts but the universe and is merely channeled through our unique abilities, talents and minds. Archangel Asariel teaches through inner wisdom, understanding and spirituality.

The Guardian Archangel of water also protects our inner emotional waters and reflects the love that is undeniably ours and forever available to us from the universe.

Connecting to Archangel Asariel in your life:

Find what house Pisces rules in your chart. This is where you can tune into your own spirit, your subconscious and your intuitive inner guide. It is this area of life where you are most connected to the universal power of love and wisdom. Dreams connected to this house are wrapped in the illuminating and emotional truths that are built from the principal of unconditional love.


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