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Name: ferrah
Birthday: May 14 1982
Location: midwest
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 22 Feb 2011

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my birth name is Ferris. My fairytale princess attitude does say I believe in Love and Hope I will someday have that lived happily ever after ending but feel the Ferrisofemall has a black widow curse. Havent been married but first and second loves both died after our 3yr. relationships. I was very younge for that kinda of heartache and loss of love. Im only 28yrs old now. Im working on my third relationship and hes 20yrs my senior and Im crazy in love. I feel my love lifes paved with a grieving bitter end. This spiritual knowledge makes my physical awarness of the two plans we live in vivid in this structerd life and death balance love and hate and the little things to add or change to get that right kincocktion of physical and spiritual growth or at least having a positive motion of wills and connections. Im crazed and confused and have this overwhelming darkness that manifest my beautiful mind with doubt and guilt. My best foot forward is my spiritual side yet Im constantly looking at how everyone whose close to me can day to day firnd their own path to peace in to which I seeing structures for us all to bond together for the everlasting world peace. I see measurments for love to cure hate and light up darkend shades so in some aspects each souls helped and saved instead of lost in tormented dark shadows making hard to see out. I just wish i my strenth was more physically structured in diplomacy and courage. I have the knowhow instinctly to figure out a solution or answer in areas i up until that point never studyied b4. Crystals were in my dreams so when i woke made what was in my dream went to the libiary to see what it was i made and if i was crazy to speak to my spirit guide for answers useing the pendulum id made. I had no idea the power of crystals nor what a pendalum was let alone structured this tool so easy with just a dream and instinct for my life at that time to find answeres i needed to heal and grow for knowledge of eternity and the devine world wide peace. I have spells that have without a doupt made positivity in growth for love light and blessing to spread. Im here to find common bond and strenth from the bonds i hope to creat joining this website. The covets making me already feel not alone and full of hope for all mankiind.



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