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Name: Coridian
Last Seen: Sun, 15 Mar 2015

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Sitting on the world, I got life in my hand

So these days I try to think twice when I can

Money on my mind as god as my witness

Love don't live here and it don't even visit

I do this for my uptown politicians

Walked in the kitchen and found a pot to piss in

playas ain't satisfied until they mama missin'

playas ain't satisfied until they mama miss 'em

Uh, I'm a monster, exorcisms

Tote tools like mechanics, mechanism

Uh, detrimental on any instrumental

I say you rappers sweet I pay the incidentals

I'm beneficial, I've been official

I say you rappers sweet, tiramisu

I like my short cake shorter

Ain't no ever been harder than (Carter)

Nobody gives you a chance, you gotta take chances

Your family tree, I will break branches

Cause I don't give a fuc*, I put the ass in assassin

Smoke you like a blunt then it's ashes to ashes

The future is born, put the past in the casket

If real shit is dead then playa I'm a bastard

Uh, appetite for disaster

I want a full plate then another plate after

Uh, yesterday just died

Tomorrow never cried, the days of our lives

When shi* get deep I'm never afraid to dive

Let the money pile up until I'm buried alive

Ask who the hell want it, I bring it to your doorbell

Have playas in ya yard like a yard sale

Smoking weed, getting head in the oval office

I changed the stars on the flag into crosses

Amen, so now instead of pledge, we pray, yeah

Ya dead to me, brown grass playa

I just stand still and let the ground pass playa

Bullshi* for lunch, brown bag playa

Realitys a bitc* and I'mma dance with her

150 pounds, 6'2 from the ground

Bitc* I'm in the building you ain't even in the lounge

I tried to fuc* the world and couldn't even get aroused

I ain't looking for the beef but I ain't seen it in a while

Uh, and we all want world peace

Murder show, I give your ass good seats

Shi*, I'm much more than a good speech

Gorillas in suits

The holy war, the spiritual troops

Fighting over the mythical truth

Drowning in the political soup

They shoot missiles and nukes

Taking out such a pivotal group

The body count is the physical proof

And they thought drugs were killing the youth


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