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Name: humanskin
Birthday: Jun 22 1990
Location: Houston
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 05 Aug 2011

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I am a twenty year old Caucasian male born in Houston, Texas on Friday, June 22, 1990. I went through my first change as a human Skinwalker Hybrid at the age of thirteen. Seven years later, I have change over twenty times. I found friends like an angel, demon, psychics, vampire, and a werewolf to relate with. I have had psychic abilities sense I was four when I had my first vision came true when I was five. A little about what I am. In most Navite American traditions, a skinwalker or yeenaaldlooshii is a creature with the ability to shapeshift from human into various forms of animals. A skinwalker is generally (not always) considered evil, dangerous, and frighting creatures. A skinwalker is a difficult creature to kill. In the Mohawk tribe, the word limikkin is sometimes used to describe the skinwalkers. In the Navajo language, the word yeenaeldooshi means ''with it, he goes on all four.'' A skinwalker is described as a naked creature, with the exception of the animal skin. The Navajo tribe decribes skinwalkers as a mutated version of the animal. The skinwalkers are said to be fast and agile and are impossible to catch. Though many have tried, no one has been successful in killing a skinwalker. A skinwalker has many reasons for transforming themselves into ananimal. Skinwalkers may transform themselves into an animal to travel great distances and a shorter period of time. A skinwalker may transform themselves into an animal to wreak havoc on others. Skinwalkers may transform themselves into an animal to hide thier identity and to escape from harm. Like the werewolf, a skinwalker shapeshifts from human form at times, and at other times takes form of an animal, usually a bear, coyote, crow, fox, owl, or wolf. Although a skinwalker may have a favorite animal form that they custinarily use, a skinwalker has the ability to shapeshift into any of the animals listed. In animal form, a skinwalker is nearly impossible to catch. In the Navajo tribe, skinwalkers have the ability to read a humans thoughts. A skinwalker has the ability to make the sounds of any animal or human they choose. Animals and humans a like can tell an animal from a skinwalker, as the skinwalker is unalbe to move completely natural in animal form. Skinwalkers are unable to obtin the perfect animal gait or the correct size of animal tracks. The one way to stop a skinwalker is to discover the skinwalkers identity, ''(first name) (middle name) (last name) (subfix)'' you are a skinwalker. The skinwalker will sick or die for the wrong they committed. This is done if the skinwalker can be tracked back to the skinwalkers home, if the injures on a human and animal are the same, or if the skinwalker is saw transforming. While in animal form it is next to impossible to kill a skinwalker, in human form a skinwalker usually don't use their abilities to keep their identities secret. There are ways using magic to protect oneself and even kill a skinwalker. Faith healers can preform ceremoniwa to protect one from the dangers of a skinwalker. A person going out at night can cover their bodies with corn pollen, cedar ash, juniper beans. I can no long be contact on this site because I was gagged with no worring because I got out of mail with cap lock on and I forgot to turn cap off. I'll be back when I'm ungaged. I can be contacted at or facebook under Royce Holleman. Mod I was not attepting to use cap please ungag me.


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