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Name: Xaih
Birthday: Feb 14 1994
Location: Georgia
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 20 Jan 2011

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Personal Bio
I'm not really good at these about me things so here you go....I'm Xaih Valentine my friends call me Cupid...I'm a gentlemen...My Socialaility i guess..... that's not really any of your business now is it?......But if you must know i hang with everyone...... I'm a guy even though it doesn't really matter haven't met anyone to honestly caught my eye to make me care about being a guy....When I am bored i make websites for my friends.... I'm a junior video game creator even though i only have one program..... I'm a actor/model or trying to be... I'm also a junior photographer just for fun..... If your going to still my work at least let me know before hand so i know you stalk me..... My taste in music?.... I don't really have one i listen to pretty much everything....I like fashion.... My style in clothing is really..... lets see.... I guess you could say alil Gothic with a weird twist...or use to be so many people and stereo types became annoying.... Oh once a being annoys me i stop talking to them.... I'm single.... I love to relax to myself.... Where can you find me?... In a room or under a tree in some shade....With a candle or two.... My age? Why should it really matter to you? I'm not to fond of younger girls they tend to be to much trouble than their worth... If you want to add me we need to at least talk first........I don't really have hobbies... I have a lot of free time in my opinion.... I'm into olden style tings... I'm an up coming actor even though i have no experience but drama class....And my only music experience is band...So yea.... I'm pretty cool and laid back. I like to text and chill. I'm pretty much a relaxer. I love older women lol. I'm a poet, writer, singer, actor, and artist. I was born in Tennessee. I was raised in Arizona. And i live in Columbus GA. I am loyal to my friends and family. I love my family very much. Touch them get your ass beat. If i ever get a girl lol i am loyal to her. If you wanna know anything else just ask. Warning i will bite........... Well if you wanna talk to me let me know...........Otaku for life....... V-V


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