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Name: Azralitor
Last Seen: Sun, 15 Mar 2015

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Hey you can call me Azralitor if you want to message me thats cool if you dont want to thats also cool. I like to talk to people if they want to talk to me. I am easy to get along with but if you disrespect me or keep bugging me i am not to fun to be around.

Now the second after all the consent forms were signed

He started warming up by moving objects with his mind

he was blinding us with magic, our vision was impaired

He was changing forms and all the children were getting scared

He just laughed and continued to carry out more deeds

I said sir weve seen enough can you open the door please?

He said i havn't put my whole repertoire on display

Ill release you when im ready follow me this way

oh my god what have i got myself into

who are you? what are you? where are you from? who sent you?

He said i am the sorceror ill never let you go

but ill brief you in my history if you'd like to know

im from a family of oracle im fifth generation

i frequently listen to aberision conversations

im skilled in levitation

and spirit communication

but my specialty is destruction and dream interpretation

ok then but to use it like this is not intelligent

he said im testing mortal minds as an experiment

and right now theres nobody comprable to my skill

so who could ever challenge me? i smiled and said i will

So I focus on my paper, got a mission to rise, try to see life through the eyes of the poor and despised, cause there my people man, I never turn my back on 'em, to my young hustlers walkin these cuts with crack on 'em, It's another way, I hope you're feelin ya brother, I know that cash be comin fast, but dog we killin each other, making bad moves trusting fools, caught up in crosses, and you ain't different from the rest player, we all done took loses better shake it off, cause a real man would accept, responsibility and play it with the hand he was dealt, see my shrink done even ran outta questions to ask, plus I'm holdin family animosity from the past, Im doin bad

Sittin here in the sunrise, anticipating just waiting quotin my battlecry.


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