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Name: Diaboli
Birthday: Feb 24 1984
Location: Manila, Philippines
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 30 Nov 2011

Membership: Contributor

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Who am I?


very tricky..

some calls me a freak,

others brand me as a psycho,

and some others claims that I am down right crazy.

Never had I belong to the so called normal world, as a child I am mostly indifferent to others that plays around me. As a teener I choose to be alone with my books and now as a young adult, still I am some what indifferent with the so called normal world. True I have a small circle of friends and every day I get to meet quite a lot of people but still I am alone, in my own little world, my personal heaven, my own little secret garden.

I started out with magic in a bit different way than most, I know a lot of you guys started out being curious about this stuff, but me..

lets just say it's a fruit of inter-mingling factors, such as heritage, psycho-emotional trauma, social shunning, and a truck load of curiosity.

heritage co'z I think being born into a family of mid-wives, healers and occult practitioners plays an integral part of me becoming who I am, as what others say, "it's all in the blood"

psycho-emotional trauma, for the record I am not a battered child, far from that, because my being different is whole heartedly supported by my family, (and for the record, when I say I'm different, I mean I am odd, not gay)

These trauma is from those kids who taunts me for being odd, from the teacher who brands me as "a bright student but not sociable", and from those who think I'm "cuckoo cuckoo crazy".

And curiosity, well you know what and how that is.

In the Main, I've been practicing folk magic and practical wizardry, Been a part of a covenant before and also been a part of several circles. But now for almost a year I am a lone practitioner of the craft, some of my former cohort migrated to God knows where while some got married or knocked off. but that is an entirely different story.

At my former coven I have been given the task of researcher on folk magic and also been know to provide wands for our members that are city dwellers and to those who has no access to the woods and forest that is my second home.

So I guess I can also say that I am a wand maker.

About magic, well, my knowledge is base mainly on folk magic of the Philippines. Since, I think a lot of members here are rooting to the western occult I must ask pardon if there are times that I will draw a blank on some topics about such matter. May you all grant me that.

so thats me..


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