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Name: Eternalflame
Birthday: May 12
Location: India
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 02 Feb 2017

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hello It is Eternal(well its an alias) ;)


Personal Info:
I am a creative & Imaginative guy who like to learn new stuffs all the time. I am unique in nature
and sometimes mysterious too :). I am going to graduate from college this summer in the field of
engineering. My goal is to explore this universe finding the string of connections between the
physical plane and the spiritual plane. I am highly ambitious to achieve new things very often.
Once I take a goal I completely devote myself to it no matter how hard it is.

My hobbies & favourites:
1. I workout at the gym twice a day and I really love to hang out there.
2. I meditate daily to create the balance between mind, body and soul.
3. I watch football and occasionally play with friends. Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are my
favourites. :)
4. I collect stones, draw pencil sketching and I am above average with my literature skills.
5. I have written a fantasy novel(at 15) and several short stories and poems in different genres.
6. I listen to music. Music refreshes my mind. I mostly hear to country, rock and sometimes just
soundtracks.. Love Two steps from Hell. It rocks!!!
7. I play the guitar and I really love watching anime.
8. I learn stuffs about astronomy and Physics because those stuffs are just so fascinating. :)
and thinking about it just makes me happy. That is all I can tell about me for now.
If you want to know anything else about me, just feel free to ask :)


Spiritual info:
The spiritual name I go by is Solaris . I am learning stuffs about spell casting and rituals for the
past 6 years from this very site. I had accounts previously from 2008 in this site but I use only
this one now. I have studied about various stuffs about magic, but only few stuffs got my
attention and I am having a wide array of knowledge in it. The stuffs that I know and I can help
you with includes,

* Elements
* Mudras
* Healing
* Energy Manipulation
* Ancient Hindu Mythology
* Yoga
* Deities

And if you have any knowledge in the above topics, please do share. I am glad to learn about it
for the knowledge is infinite and cannot be held within bounds.

PS : Please don't come asking about changing you into vampire or werewolf watching too much
Twilight. I can't and spells don't work that way.


Thank you if you have come all the way reading my bio till the end. You can message me other
than getting to know me and regarding spells. I am happy to help if someone is troubled
emotionally too. A good counseling session is all that is needed.

Wish you luck. :)


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