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Name: sparkly5676
Birthday: Apr 14 1996
Location: everywhere
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 04 Jan 2012

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I am:

A misunderstood girl

An emo

Very kind once in a while

Very picky about my friends and who I hang out with

Depressed. Severely depressed.

Favorite Songs: Apology-Alesana, Super Massive Black Hole-Muse, Fury-Muse, basically all Muse and Evanescence songs.

I never trust a lot of people. I've been used too many times. Very rarely you'd see me smile. I cry easily. I'm an Aries. I'm straight. I'm single, but I'd love to be in a relationship. I play every musical instrument except the tuba and french horn :P

Favorite Quote: "Some days my darkest friend is me again."

Quiz results from "Where was your soul born?"

Your soul was born in the Shadows.

Your soul was born in the shadows of the moon at night. You're all mystery and enigma and your element is the Moon. No one really knows who you are, but they might think they know you. You only tell people fragments of who you are and never show your true personality. That doesn't have to mean that you're being someone you're not though. You're always yourself and you never do something just because someone else does. Some might think you're a little cold or dull, but you're just hiding your true self for some reason. Maybe only a couple of selected people have ever seen the true you. You are loyal to these people and it will take time if anyone else wants to gain your trust. You let people think that they know you and that you trust them. But sooner or later they will realize that they never really knew you. Be careful. Someday you might need someone who knows what you need. Trust people.

You prefer silence and tranquillity. You're calm and collected and a nice person most of the time.

If you'd like to be my friend, don't be afraid to send me a request. That doesn't mean that I will accept it. I am in need of REAL friends.

Favorite Bands: Muse, Avenged Sevenfold, Paramore, Evanescence, Alesana

Favorite Music: Heavy Metal, Classical.

Favorite Colors: red, black, white, purple.

Favorite Composers: Bach, Beethoven, Sarasate, Sindling, Saint Saens.


Root: under-active (-31%)

Sacral: open (6%)

Navel: under-active (-31%)

Heart: under-active (-6%)

Throat: open (19%)

Third Eye: open (19%)

Crown: under-active (-19%)



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