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Name: Assa1989
Location: Athens
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 23 Jan 2011

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Hi awake ones...

Im Assa, 21 years old..

I remember myself fighting from a very young age between what seems to be true and what actually is.. The true magik comes from the inside. When you are fully convinced that everyone is lying to you in front of your eyes, when your eyes or even better your inner intuition, your dreams, your visions fills your everyday life with signs which always lead further into the truth.... Signs which make you open your mind to something profound if all mind barriers dissapear...

My conclusion is that someone has to "delete" every coomplicated issue.. Make his mind as a "tabula rasa" and rewrite everything depending on his research, on his experience, on his heart...

We have stopped listening to our hearts, when even the "logic" needed for the apprehension of this world is fluid and shaking.. Just like our need to believe in something...

Need to believe... We must first believe in ourselves to learn how to respect and follow the Gods. Ego is not welcome in this journey..

So, It is only a year that i ve started to getting involved into magik... The reason why i havent done this before is because research for me took the first place .. I needed to be pure, i needed to believe, i needed to be ready.... So what i m basically looking here is someone to introduce me and guide me into elemental magik..

So if anyone is intrested and has the mood to do this can pm me and i ll give all the information given.. But you can also pm me for anything.. Except " plz do a spell for me, my bf abandoned me and i need help " and stuff like this.. I mean if you want a spell, work and do it yourself, gain your confidence and be ,through it, a greater person...

Books I recommend

-Sitchin - Genesis Revisited - Is Modern Science Catching Up With Ancient Knowledge (1990)

-Sitchin - The Lost Book Of Enki - Memories and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God(2001)

-Sitchin - The Cosmic Code (6th Book of Earth Chronicles) (1998)

-Sitchin - The 12th Planet

-Sitchin - Divine Encounters - A Guide to Visions, Angels and other Emissaries (2002)

And many moaaaar . Those are the basics..


-Bulwer-The Coming Race

-Erich Von Daniken - Chariots Of The Gods

-Giannopoulos- The hollow earth Theory

If you want links about those information the books share pm me..

(i have internet problems this period)

Blessed be!!!


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