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Name: verax
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 19 Mar 2011

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The word veritas literally means the truth, or the search for the truth, I was a member of Veritas from a young age, there was only a small group left when I joined, the high priest Verax was not one for publicity, advertisements, or technology, in fact he believed that television, the internet, and mobile phones have ruined the world, he did not own any of them. Although I could not argue with his thinking I did argue about his ways, I always believed that the technology is here no matter what we do we should use it and embrace the future. This was a topic we had many debates about.

The majority of the Veritas coven actually believed that Verax would live forever. He was not one of them, for all his wisdom greatness, and spiritual energy, he was still just a man, a very old man. He wanted me to take over from him as high priest, a decision I could not begin to understand, I was the youngest of the priests, had not been with Veritas as long as any of the others, and regularly disagreed with him, there were others much better suited to the title, who could answer any question almost word for word as Verax himself would answer.

After Verax died it did not take long for me to turn my back, he had made a mistake I knew it and the other priests knew it, they would follow the wishes of Verax but all believed he had made a mistake, not something he is known for, after I had gone it was not long before the coven completely dispended,

After much pondering, I have come to the decision that Verax knew this would happen, he could the end coming for Veritas unless changes were made he was just too stubborn to admit that he was wrong. I now see that he wanted me to bring Veritas to the masses, and it was my disagreements with him that brought him to the decision to leave me in charge.

In honor of Verax I now call myself Verax and have a mission to bring back Veritas. I cannot fill the great mans shoes but at least I can keep his memory alive. I owe him that much at least.


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