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Name: Ostyn
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 27 Jun 2011

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Born in September. Now apparently a Virgo after the addition of Ophiuchus to the Zodiac, maybe? Started practicing at about the beginning of the '10-'11 school year. Would appreciate any help. I like many different kinds of white magic. Attempting to be able to lucid dream(and/or AP) so any help from anyone experienced would be greatly appreciated.

Here's some stuff about me:


Music- Metalcore all the way. And the occasional alt metal.

Bands- Motionless In White, Miss May I, Asking Alexandria, Bring Me The Horizon, Cradle of Filth, Bullet For My Valentine, Rise Against, I Set My Friends On Fire, Three Days Grace, and a lot of songs by various bands

TV shows- Tosh.0, Psych, Lie To Me, The Office, Nick Swardson's Pretend Time, Scrubs, Chappelle's Show, Family Guy, South Park, and pretty much anything on Comedy Central

Food- Psssh pizza of course!! Maybe with a little beef jerky in there..and steak :P

Drink- Sprite. Water too. I often do not like milk, but have recently been drinking more of it.


I'm 14 and a freshman. I am 5'8". Young but one of the smartest in the class. My name is Austin (my username is a different way of spelling it).

I. Love. Magick. I practice whenever no one else is home, or at night when they are asleep (few friends know I practice).

I am a Spiritual Satanist, which is sadly a very misunderstood religion. I encourage anyone with questions to message me or simply go to SPIRITUAL SATANISM IS NOT AN EVIL RELIGION!!! I cannot stress that enough! We do not "worship sin" as xians say.

It's hard to get supplies and such without my parents knowing, so I focus mostly on focusing energy until an oppurtunity comes.

I don't fall asleep fast at all. I'm pretty sure it is insomnia, but i haven't gotten tested for that (if you do).

I have brown hair, greenish/grayish eyes, an an athletic build. I play golf currrently. It may be odd for me to listen to metalcore and do things like play golf, though.

As i mentioned above, I am pretty new, so I don't exactly know my element. I have a suspicion it may be water. Or maybe even fire. My friends say I'm a pyromaniac. But I really like the feel of water too.

So other than that, I am your average teenager. I like to make new friends and am very nice, unless you are not nice to me. Also, I am guilty of holding grudges.

So there you have it, who I am in a nutshell. Remember, I am a friendly person.


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