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Name: Lord_Sidonus
Birthday: Aug 19 1990
Location: Jacksonville Florida
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 01 Jan 2012


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Personal Bio
A quote from Lord_Rag/Erebos/Ragnorok etc "I have one goal here. Keeping you off this site." Just so you all know who keeps getting me gagged/banned. I have to say, this site's mods seem to have grown a pair enough to make a move towards me. Whenever someone of power or logic comes to this site and refuses to in layman's terms blow the site owner, they get gagged and/or banned. I shall be remaining on this site, no matter how many times I need to prove I can't be kept out, I'll just keep coming back, and shall be contacting my dear brother Syndelious Akeilith to be joining me, along with any of his "friends". This IS a magick site after all, so why not handle things on a magickal level? Not a petty internet level. I am that which I am No more no less I am, as you all may know, not new to this site, I have been on it for a very long time, am highly experienced in the work of which I so do, and do not take shit from anybody no matter who or what they are or what their impudent reasoning may be. I am a straightforward individual, I am considered to be psychotically insane, maddened, cruel, vicious, maniacal, evil, dark and malevolently flagitious. I am Gothic, I am a very tormented and damned entity, however I embrace the negative parts of existence and as such further myself thereof through my malevolent and manipulative nature. All about me that most anyone would ever care and/or desire to know I am the High Dark Priest of the coven Darkness of The Mind, I am also the proud father of seven children, Makar R., Solak, Liana, Seleena, Navak, Noneran and Lucian. I have many children in law of which I count as my own, my father is Lord Kalaroth Paraczus, my mother would be Lady Venaka. I am engaged to be married to my lovely fiance, Lady Khariad Nafrah. I have several strong and glorious brothers as well of which are Krygexkhan Zakeil, Orax, Volkaro, Darrion Nathriel and Syndelious Akeilith, my sister's name is Serenity. My niece would be Aosoth Akeilith who is married unto Aemarech, my nephew would be Dante Akeilith, they may be niece and nephew unto me, but I treat them as if they were my own children. Their mother would be Khariad's sister, Lady Malayna, of whom has been traveling with me for some time now. My grandfather is the former General Hivek, my uncle is the former Lord Galroth as well. My current student here is calypso, so treat her with respect as you would treat me. My origins would be from Kaheel Roah, that is my home and pride. My place of origin would be around the "All Core", if you do not know what that is, do not ask, I shall not explain such things unto you. I am the Dark Lord of Kaheel Roah, my title would be the Dark Overlord and I preside thereof over the Dark Draconic Empire. My teachers and mentors have varied and been vast and many in number, ranging from Lord Melekith, Baleeth, Khoran, H'l?verach and Khagnavistakh. I am an avid lover of music of all kinds, however my preferences would be Disturbed, Tech N9ne, Deathstars, Nightwish, Rob Zombie, Dimmu Borgir, Lordi, Kid Rock, Thousand Foot Krutch etc. I am currently in the process of writing a Grimorie and it is going quite well, I do write my own spells and use those of others from time to time, I am experienced in almost all forms of magick except for Tarot, Rune and anything to do with that blasted Crystal Ball. I am a Luciferian as well and damn proud of it. For the record, no Luciferianism is not the worship of Satan, that is a blatant lie concocted by the Christian religion to try and slam something that stands on its own feet. Luciferianism is many things, and you may so choose to worship something if you so desire however it is not a requirement, and it is also not a religion for idiotic fools who hold no true ability, for they would soon be tormented if not utterly slaughtered by the Goeta and so on. If there is anything you so desire to know, feel free to ask, I do not bother those who have not already done something to bother me or any of those within my fold, whereas those who have, I shall crush with no mercy to be shown. That is all, may Death be with you. Adieu.


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