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Name: LoneStar
Location: San Antonio, TX
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I consider myself an "open-minded" Christian - Roman Catholic that studies the Cabala, Wicca, Chaos, some Enochian Magick, some Egyptian Magick,Celtic Runes and Knots, whatever works. I guess I am kind of Gnostic wanting to seek, learn and practice Magick as best I can when I can. Basically, I am an Eclectic Apprentice Self taught Wizard in training with no ties to any group yet. Mickey Mouse as an Apprentice Wizard in "Fantasia" is really the one who inspired my studies these many years ago. And of course, the Harry Potter movie series also fired me up too. Of course, I totally realize those movies are exactly that, fantasy. But, true Mages have been around for hundreds of years. And what about the Shamans, Curanderos of South America or, Solitary Witches that were consulted for their herbal knowledge and wonderful spell-work? So there has to be some truth to Magick now is there? Also, my grandmother, made a lucrative part-time income at foretelling the future with a tarot deck of cards. With practice, she became very good at that, with repeat customers and new referrals coming to her home all the time. In spanish we called fortune-telling with cards; "Hechando Rifas." As a pre-teen, I used to accept money from her fortune-telling so I could go to the movies. So, I do have some connection with Magick and, I just want to know how to cast real Magick spells to benefit myself, my family, my community, anyone that ails and, basically leave this world a slightly better place before I pass away. I have studied for about 7 years off and on as time permits. I haven't joined any group nor mentorship because I want to know what I am doing first and just know what people in "the Craft" refer to when they chat. So now, I feel I am ready to study with a group. "When the student is ready, the Master will appear." Whatever, I am interested in this website basically because one can join a group, learn spells, study videos and commit as time permits. Just like I have been doing these past 7 years as a sole practitioner of the magickal arts. Cool!

Oh yea, I was Honorably Discharged from the Active Military and soon afterwards, I voluntarily joined the Active Reserves for 12 years. Whatever I do, I earned my American Civil Rights. Also, I am honest, conscientious and compassionate. I listen almost exclusively to classic rock (not heavy metal nor old disco except for "Blondie" especially "Heart Of Glass" and "99 Red Balloons," also "Aha" and, "Tears for Fears"). I have a College Degree in Industrial Safety. I have also been a nation-wide trucker, and now, I am a sole proprietor of my own business that I started about 3 months ago. For sure I need to cast a couple of spells to improve the success and prosperity of my new business. Anyway, I really appreciate anyone reading this. Blessed Be, a paradise for you on this good earth!


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