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Name: Stevedel
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HI my name is steve im left handed witch onlt 10% of the wourld is im going to tarn 15 in less than 5 monthes i love magic,and wizards but may favorit thang is dragons i whount to know as much as I can about them..... i dont know any thang else to say sooooo here are some pomes i found.

Dragon Wise, Dragon Old...

Dragon wise, dragon old,

Dragon who did not hoard or covet

glittering jewels or gleaming gold.

Dragon who did not hide and sleep

in some great, dark, hidden mountain cave,

Dragon who left his own homeland to help and save.

Dragon who did not revel

in death, destruction, and Hellfire,

Dragon who did not see himself

as a being better or higher.

Dragon who long ago stood with us,

the last of the brave and the good,

Dragon who resisted that great Evil

and against tempting Darkness withstood.

Dragon who faced the terrible being

who sought to corrupt and destroy all life,

Dragon who knew him all too well

though many years of war and strife.

Dragon who beheld the satanic might

of the Dark Foe without fear,

Dragon who spoke only four words to him,

"Your reign ends here!"

Dragon who stared, undaunted, unfazed

into the Dark Foe's single, raging, hating eye,

Dragon who did not flinch when the demon screamed back:

"I will make your blood reign from the sky!"

Dragon who held the fate our dear world

in his long, lethal claws,

Dragon who challenged the Dark Foe's armies

through gaping, flaming jaws.

Dragon whose mighty roar

was like the loudest of all thunder,

Dragon whose terrible god-like voice

tore their twisted minds asunder.

Dragon who laughed at the Dark Foe,

whose wrath then cloaked the sun,

Dragon who filled us with his courage

when we all wanted to run.

Dragon whose white fire drove back

the Blackness of the Night,

Dragon who battled on, wounded,

yet refusing to rest or to turn from the fight.

Dragon who was the first to charge

and the last to retreat,

Dragon who showed our enemies

the true meaning of defeat.

Dragon who rose like a god on great wings

to fight the Dark Foe to the death,

Dragon who had vowed to defend us and our world

until his last breath.

Dragon whose blood ran free when pierced through

with the poisoned sword of the the Dark Foe,

Dragon who crushed him in a deadly embrace

as he took that final, fatal blow.

Dragon who continued to fight,

his Spirit still surging and burning within,

Dragon who was so pure and powerful,

Death was afraid to step forward and claim him.

Dragon who ascended with the Dark Foe to the heights

where only the stars and suns dwell.

Dragon who showed him the beautiful Earth

he sought to turn into a godless hell.

Dragon who then drove his claws into the Dark Foe

and tore out his vile, malignant spirit,

Dragon who cried, "You began it, I stopped it,

and now let the Maker Himself finish it!"

Dragon who finally fell pierced from the sky

like a huge burning star,

Dragon whose thundering death-cry

was herd by all near and far.

Dragon who died with the Dark Foe's empty body

clutched tight in his steel grasp,

Dragon who won us the greatest victory

with his final, pain-filled gasp.

Dragon whose great Soul now forever flies

through Heaven's endless golden skies,

Dragon who lit up our dark, dreary world

with a bright Light that never dies.

Dragon who loved us so much,

the ultimate gift he did willingly give,

Dragon who gave us his one Life

so we all could continue to thrive and live.

Dragon who filled our hard hearts

with his wisdom, kindness and love,

Dragon who was so powerful and strong

yet humble to the Great God Above.

Dragon who befriended us, lifted us up,

and brought us all as comrades together.

Dragon whose great words and deeds

will be cherished and remembered forever.

Dragon fierce yet wise, dragon strong yet old,

Oh, heavenly Dragon rest in peace,

for your tale has been, and always will be, told.

Dragon Song

Twas a night of awe and magic

Every dragon--one and all

Had gathered by the sea to fly

And answer instinct's call.

One by one, they would step forth

and sing their own heartsong

Hoping it'd attract the one

To whom their heart'd belong.

A dragon stood, waiting his turn

to step forward and sing

a newcomer to the whole event

and tense as a coiled spring.

Finally his turn arrived

He stepped forth into the ring

Cleared his throat, searched deep inside

and then began to sing...

'Calling, calling, hear my cry

O love, I'm searching through the sky

For you, O love, wherever you fly

My love for you shall never die! no! Love shall never die.

I cannot bear anymore my longing and pain

O love though Ilost you,now im searching again

I pray I am not searching in vain! in vain!

But my love for you shall always remain! yes! shall always remain."

The dragon stopped, his song now done

Silence pressed in all around

he blessed and cursed his voice and heart

and hoped and prayed love would be found.

no answer came for quite some time

The dragon hung his head

Had no dragon's heart adored his song?

Would he be left alone instead?

Then from the crowd a female stepped

And met him in the ring

She opened her mouth and smiled at him

And then began to sing...

"I hear thy call, though thou art far

I wish upon a shooting star

To come to thee and give my heart

So I'd be with thou, wherever we are.

O thou, my love, Iloveth thou true

Somehow I vow I shall come through

And give thee my heart, and my soul too

No words can tell how I love you."

The female's voice was like a harp

her eyes were ocean-blue

her scales were the shade of an autumn sky

She was a dream come true.

The dragon stood for a moment, unsure

And speechless of his luck

Then he knew he had to do

And Inspiration struck.

Their voices rose together in song--

A perfect harmony

Then while the crowd chanted loudly

the female whispered, "Fly with me."

Still singing like angels, both dragons rose

And began to dance in the sky

Coming closer, ever closer

With every moment passing by.

The dragon's song had found the one

to whom he gave his all

Twining and singing over the sea on that night

the dragon lovers heeded instinct's call.


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