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Name: Zaikyo
Birthday: Nov 17 1994
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 13 Oct 2010

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I love music! It's like air for me. I'm 15. I'm also into things like art, poetry, writing (I'm like a writer freak), acting, fashion design, and things like that. I'm albino so I'm blond but with green eyes instead of red or pink. I love making friends and talking. Though you couldn't tell by looking at me, I love punk and goth style. I don't wear it because my parents would never go for it, but I think it's really interesting and expressive. I love expression, probably because I'm an Empath. I'm part artist, part universal, and part something else that starts with a P but I can't remember... Mostly I'm an Artist Empath. I express everything through different forms of art. I see, hear, and feel things that most people don't. I'm basically a Paranormal who is normality-challenged. XD

I'm working on this SUPER LONG SERIES called Jrock/Elements that will never end and has many books already. None which have been finished or even a quarter of the way done. I'm just so scatter-brained! I'll start working on one story and then go "Oooo! That would be a great idea for a story." Then I'll move on and come back and jump around. Honestly I don't understand how the people who read my series put up with the confusion. But, it's a really awesome series. It's about Zaikyo (me) and her friends (the other elements) and their lives. Of course, that's only HALF of the series. The story also follows Zaikyo and all her friends in Japan (who are all japanese rock stars or "jrockers") and all of the crazy magical secret agent weird crap that they seem to get into all the time. There is NO WAY though that I could POSSIBLEY explain all this now. But there'll be more info later. ^^

I'm also a poet. I like to use a style that I call "satirism." I like to write poetry that makes people look at themselves and the choices they've made. It's so weird 'cause I'm like so DENSE yet when I write it looks like I've been there. Poetry is big for me. When I'm not expressing my form of satire, I write deep poetry sometimes. It usually reflects something that's happened to me and how I feel about it. Since I'm and empath, I feel A LOT. So poetry is like my way of venting or rather suppressing.

I am so naive most of time! So, my best friends are always having to look after me and protect me from crap. I guess I'm like the five year old of the group. ^^ But sometimes, I have to assume the position of protecter as well and I'm always going to be there for my friends. The mean everything to me. ^_^

I had a vision once. Okay so that happens pretty often but this one was different. It's hard to describe as most of my visions are. But this one was special. I've always felt this weird energy connection to my favorite band Nightmare. It's like this unexplainable infinant love thing, like being a mother or something. An my vision I think was of my past life, and they were in it along with K-chan, Sam, and Ketorin-chan. The vision was induced by the song Reila by the GazettE. It's fuuny 'cause I think my past life name was Areila. So I hope one day to meet Nightmare and figure out what this whole past life energy-love connection is about. I really love them, no doubt.

I'm weird because I think and feel equally. Most people do one or the other way more. You're either impulsive or consiquential. Oh, and I don't believe in fact based logic. Anything can happen.

My best friend Ketorin-chan is dating a Vampire... I hate him... He annoys me purposely... Nuf said.

I am a child at heart and will always be. I love to live and live to love.

My most favorite word is probably "lovely." I use it a lot.

My favorite colors are white, black, and pink. White is my most favorite.

I think one of the best feelings in the world in nostalgia. I always feel it when I listen to cetian songs and it's like the feeling of being teleported back somewhere long ago that I don't remember anything about except how I felt. And the only nostalgic feeling I ever have is something beautiful.

I, as all my friends am I weirdo. Not to mention a Japan freak. So like of course, my series has all of these JAPANESE ROCK STARS. But also, my friends and I are in it. I'm Zaikyo, the elementist Water. My friends Karina, Sam, and Kaitlyn are Earth, Air, and Fire. Once you read my series, you'll love them. There all so interesting so they make the series fun! ^^

I like humor. A lot. And I love to write funny little drabbles and oneshots. I also have this random sayings thing going that my friends love. It's just the kind of twisted humor we have I guess. ^^

Um sometimes I rant. A lot.

No matter what, there's always a song playing in my head whether I like it or not. It's weird. I believe every moment has a soundtrack.

GEOMETRY IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also just blurt out random things that don't really make sense. When I talk to people, I sometimes accidentley say something in japanese and I don't always realize it. I'm taking online japanese courses and I take spanish in school and next year I'll be in french so... yeah. I have multi-lingual issues.

Oh and my spelling sucks. In fact, there are probably more misspelled words in this bio than there are correct.

I have a sweet tooth. Actually, my mouth is probably FULL of sweet teeth. I love candy, cookies, ice cream, cake...

Anything sweet!

Music and daydreaming are my two biggest things along with art and writing. Oh my gosh I love music so much. I can't live with out it! I listen to a lot of jrock and some jpop too. But I love all styles of music except rap, blues, and the worst of all, COUNTRY. Daydreaming and music are a blend that can't be broken. I absolutely LOVE to daydream and I do it all the time. My life is so BORING and IRRITATING so the only way to get away is through my mind.


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