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Name: deathgamer5
Location: incredible india
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 23 Sep 2011

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these are a few things you all should know abt me.

1.i am a hindu.

2.born in a nair caste.

3.i love music.

4.i am 15. very kind and serious so dont mess wid me. name is vivek.

7.i am learning and am ready to teach any1.

thats all if ya wanna know somthing mail me.

baghvad gita

verse 20

the soul never takes birth and never dies at any times nor does it come into being again when this is created.the soul is birthless,eternal,imperisable and timeless and is never destroyed when the body is distroyed

verse 22

just as a man giving up old garments accepts other new apperel,in the same way the embodied soul giving up old and worn out bodies verily accepting new bodies.

verse 23

weapons cannot harm the soul,fire cannot burn the soul,water cannot wet the soul and air cannot drie the soul.

verse 24

the soul is indestructeable,the soul is incombustible,insoluble and unweatherable.the soul is eternal,all-prevading,unmodifiable,immoveable and premordial.

verse 25

it is declared that the soul is immperectiable,the soul is inconvenceable,the soul is immuteable;therefore understanding the soul as such,it is improper for you to lament.

verse 27

for one who as taken birth death is certain and for one who is dead,birth is certain;therfore you ought to not to lament for an invetable situation.


1.Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light?

Maurice Freehill

2.It is the coward who fawns upon those above him. It is the coward who is insolent whenever he dares be so.


3.Keep your fears to yourself; share your courage with others.

Robert Louis Stevenson

4.Fear not your enemies, for they can only kill you; fear not your friends, forthey can only betray you. Fear only the indifferent, who permit the killers and betrayers to walk safely on the earth.

Edward Yashinsky

5.Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is.

German proverb

6.Yet each man kills the thing he loves,

By each let this be heard,

Some do it with a bitter look,

Some with a flattering word,

The coward does it with a kiss, The brave man with a sword!

Oscar Wilde

7.It is better to be feared than loved, more prudent to be cruel than compassionate.

Niccolo Machievelli

8.Great occasions do not make heroes or cowards; they simply unveil them to the eyes of men.

Bishop Westcott

9.It is better to be the widow of a hero than the wife of a coward.

Dolores Ibarruri

10.Wicked men obey for fear, but the good for love.



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