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Name: AirMagik
Location: A wave in the Pacific Ocean
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 05 Jul 2011

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I am an eclectic witch and practice element magick. I did not consciously decide to be a witch, but set out on this journey in a quest to understand the abilities I was noticing I had. After many repeated incidences of very profound events, such as premonitions that kept coming true, and spirit visitors, and others where my abilities were very apparent, my journey began by embarking on two questions:

1) Why can I do these things?

2) What do I do with these abilities?

3) How can I use these abilities?

The first questions soon became discounted. It went from "why" to "it just is"

The second part of my journey as to what do I do with these abilities became.....for any good! And the last question..that journey continues!

I have strong powers in divination, premonitions, epic dreaming and telepathic dreams (including spirit guides),and empathy (based on 3rd eye visions), and mind influence. I take some ideas from the wiccan discipline, mainly as far as traditional representations are concerned. My name is Airen because I am strongly and most bonded to the Air element. This bond I have to Air is because of mental and intellectual strength, and because all my magick work is conducted on the mental level(no use of tools), and all my gifts are mental.I also use an empirical approach to develop methods. My favorite hour of the day, is the evening as my mental and intellectual abilities are exhilarated at night. I have been in the craft since 2007.

I do not support nor subscribe to any form of institutionalized and organized religion. I am a strong believer of all forms of academic sciences.

I'm also an undergrad student.

My strong advise to anyone who is just embarking on their journey into witchcraft is to learn the basics as your first goal. Then meditate to allow your natural strengths to develop. This will guide you toward your strongest path. Your gifts will evolve in time and experience and I think it is important to focus on one thing at a time when setting up goals.

Here is the Basics list:

Meditation, visualization, grounding/centering, energy flow and control, shielding and circle casting, elements, days, colors, tools, moon phases.

Some fun ways to Learn Basics:

-Make up a chart of the days, colors, and/or elements and hang it somewhere you will see it.

-Spend a week, making up a list of the favorite qualities that make you who you are, this can be used for your grounding work.

-Make up some flash cards, and make it a game with a friend, or by yourself. If you get 10 right, reward yourself.

-Observe the moon on different days, draw it, and recognize its phase.


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