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Name: Tala_taa
Location: Derby, UK
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 10 Apr 2011

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Merry Meet and Blessed Be )O(

Hi :)

My name is Charlotte/Lottie Rose, or Tala-Taa as my witch name, meaning Wolf-Seed in two Native American languages. I am of English/Irish origin and a Scorpio by birth and nature. I have been practising the Wiccan religion for quite some time now, but take alot of Hindu, Buddhist and Cherokee traits to my behaviour. Or try to at least.

I am a very Earthy personality, with stubborn Tortoise and the strong Wolverine as my animal totems.

I am mostly connected to Earth Mother Gaia, but I work best at night with Selene as my charge.

I tend to work with the properties of herbs and crystals, Tarot, and pay close attention to my chakras, believing the smallest things effect our lives the most. I spend alot of time trying to restore balance in myself and those around me, with Yin and Yang as my favourite spiritual symbol. Meaning Qi/energy/prana work has a strong importance in my day to day life.

I pay ALOT of attention to my dreams.

Because they are majorly wierd! O_o

But then again.. who's aren't?

I have a profoundly different understanding of the universe around us and its workings than the large majority of people I know, however,nothing is more intresting to me than other peoples understandings too. Meditation, Enlightenment, and soul development mean alot to me, and I could, and do, spend hours talking about religion, spirituality and broadening my knowlegde, however it is not such a popular topic among my peer groups so I wish to meet alot of likeminded young people on here, so please feel free to email me if you are :) and as never to disregard the Learned, if you are older and wiser than I and think you can enlighten me on anything, I hope you feel free to do so, and would really love to hear from you.

I am VERY openminded.

I work with six other witches in my coven Children Of The Bluebell Moon, where I take role of High Priestess, with High Priest Euthybious (Aric), Ember-witch(emberwitch), Nova, Eluneda(TishaWaters), Noya and Tahoda. I love you all (L)


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