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Name: Archone
Location: Twilight moon
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 24 Aug 2010

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Name:Secret Age:18 Eyes:light blue eyes Hair:Gold straight hair The life is getting rapturos with blocking demons and hunting. The black twilight will be over The light is going to rise the victory flag. The fire and water are elements that i love and i can fully control them.I feel them like my own body and i can scense them spiritualy. Always when the sleep time comes i cant sleep without a flaming candle and a bowl of water above my head. @@@@@A bit about MYSELF@@@@@ I'm a person who is really love to help people and a person with a mind that use magic in the right way.My favorite TV shows are the twilight movies and something about numinous.I also read the theoretic books to know my elements more and more. Untill now i have been here for 4 years and i can cast any spells but the curse spells.The trick and spiritual spells are my favorites and i can even cast them without any tool. But im really intrested to cast my own spells and them my self im looking for someone to teach me HOW? ***The pain has been given to me*** I dont know what's happening to me.My heart is blowing and my spirit is going to leave my body.That's what i guess and i am not sure about this.I'm not really in a good situation and i scense the pain has corrupt my spirit. My power is going down and i'm losing my abillities each day one by one.I used all the healling spells on my self but it didnt have any affection.I'm losing my power to be unify with my elements.My elements are fire and water.I'm losing control in everything.Even i cant really think correct.I also yell at everybody wants to talk to me. I dont know what's this? A warning? A power that i cant handle? A curse that someone did to me? A pain? I never used magic in an evil way and i didnt hurt anybody that i should tolerate this. Here are some sign that maybe someone can help me I was at the good mood and i was in the astral projection practice.I didnt succeed and i slept. I my dreams i saw that i am in the paradise and everything was shining.It was really good but i felt something above my head that it was like a black circle and took me out of the paradise and i dropped in a place that was all fire and big storms i was really scared i saw a gate in front of my eyes and the two mans are coming to me.i didnt know them but they were not like humans.their legs were stretching on the ground and their paunch was full of something i didnt saw their heads it was on fire but their eyes was glowing in blue colour and also they were crying.They came to me and took me to the was all on fire and tought it was the hell but im not sure.the two mans were trying to get me there but i tried to run but i couldnt control my legs they were moving on their own.i didnt get to there because everytime i was going there a hole appeared under my legs and i saw my self near the gate.this happend many time and then i got up from sleeping and my body was full of perspiration.i also cryed and didnt sleep that it was the morning everything was right but then i felt my head is hot and going to be more hot.i was losing my mind and i couldnt think.after 5 hours i went to the doctor but she couldnt say anything and no sign about being ill.i returend home after a few hours i felt that my headache is over.i was going to do some grounding to calm down but i couldnt focus and visualizate was night and i had no problems.i was going to sleep but i heard some noise in my ears it was like a skeeter is flying.My heart was shooting and my body was really holding a lot of the pain and i was screaming and all of my family has awaken of sleep my mother was above my head and crying.after an half hour i slept and tomorrow was like yesterday and now its 6:21 PM that im writhing this page. Please if someone really wants to help me then tell me in the chat im in chat everyday and send me the way to cure to my mail.My Name is Archone.i need help. the pain is not all over the time it is just the morning and the night.this is not a joke or a story.I really need help.i am tolerating a lot of suffer...


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