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Name: Israfel
Birthday: Nov 22 1980
Location: vanished from public view
Gender: Female
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Silenced for no reason other than spite... If you know me feel free to contact me. If you know me, you know how.

Back by popular are the basics by Israfel.

(You can't silence me for no reason. I never broke any rules so I'll feel free to continue to teach people here.)

Ok. Here are a few things to get you started. They're called the Basics. A lot of people talk about things like moon phases/colors/circle casting as being part of the basics but in my opinion those are pretty much unnecessary. You'll find a lot of people disagree with my methods. I'm the sort to do things that work and not necessarily the way everyone says to do things.

There are 3 things you should learn and master before you do anything else. Centering, Grounding and Shielding. There are many reasons for this and the primary reasons are as follows.

Centering: Learning to find your Center is very important because basically no magic will work if you don't. It's that simple. 9 times out of 10 when someone asks me for help with some trouble with anything it's because they didn't learn how to properly Center themselves.

Grounding: Magic use involves a lot of energy work. When you manipulate energy you will probably absorb some of it. It isn't too good to absorb certain types of energy into your body so it's best to have a way to flush them. Grounding is exactly that. Flushing your aura of negative energy buildup and cleaning yourself for magic work.

Shielding: Obviously you'll want a way to block out energy that isn't wanted. Shielding can do that and protect you from any harmful spells that people might throw at you. Usually spells can't cause physical harm to you, but I've seen spells that were able to cause people to forget things, I've seen them affect people's moods, I've even seen them affect peoples free will making them feel unable to make their own choices. It's best to know how to block this kind of thing before you learn anything else.

After you learn this, Energy manipulation is the next most important thing to learn. Energy is the basis for many spells. The lesson here is only designed to get you started. You will find many more on this site.

Here's a brief lesson for ya.

Centering: To find your center you should first find some time where you can be alone and undisturbed for a while. Sit comfortably and focus on yourself. Try to picture you as you are as a whole. You will find that there are quite a few things that make up who you are. There are things that are on your mind presently (a big test coming up, a funny joke you heard recently, a person you have a crush on etc.) These things are part of you but only on the very outer layer. Inside those things are the things that are more important (what you want to do when you go to college, the way you feel about your family, a recent conversation with a good friend etc.) Those are part of you but still not your Center. Your Center is all those things that are absolutely CRUCIAL to who you are. Your passions and dreams, your ambitions and deepest loves---or hates. Everything you could not be you without is part of your Center. You don't have to define them, but you should find them. If you sit and close your eyes and meditate on them you should see them in the center of your body near your breastbone. You may also be able to see the ball of energy that makes up your Center. If you can see this you are doing well. If not don't worry too much about it, you'll see it eventually. Once you have found this central focus point of what makes you unique, you have Centered yourself.

Grounding: To Ground yourself you should Center yourself first. If you try to Ground without finding your Center you might get dizzy or feel out of balance. You might also have flashes of paranoia or other adverse effects. If you begin the Grounding exercise and any of this happens please go back and work on Centering some more. After Centering, Grounding is simple. Grab ahold of your Center and focus on all those other layers of things that are on your mind that are NOT part of your Center. Now flush them into the earth. Push all of that junk out of yourself. It can be frightening but do it anyway. Trust me, the stuff will be there when you're ready to go back to it. For using magic it just gets in the way. Push it ALL out of you, the ground will absorb all the negative energy associated with all that spiritual detritus and you will feel much better for it. Do this a few times and you will be Grounded.

Shielding: Ok before you Shield, you should Center and Ground. Always. Without exception. If you try to Shield without finding your Center first, the Shield will fall apart because it will be based on a shaky energy source. Sort of like hooking up an electrical appliance to bad wiring. Not a good idea. If you try to Shield without Grounding first, the negative energy trapped inside your Shield will make you feel sick in some way. Sometimes it's just an icky feeling but sometimes it can cause splitting migraines. Don't do it. Just trust me. After you've Centered and Grounded yourself Shielding is even easier than either of them. Picture a barrier around you that is completely impervious to everything. It literally can not be broken by anything. It is hard as diamond and tough as jade. It is strong as tungsten and slippery as teflon. Nothing can break it ever and only you decide what you will allow in. Remember, this shield will probably make you feel a little isolated. If you have any empathic ability it will block it. This will make things quieter and might make you feel a bit lonely. Don't worry, you can drop the shield if you want to. Just work on making sure you can raise and lower a shield at will and if you feel too separated from people with your shield up you don't have to keep it up all the time. Once you feel as though your impervious barrier is perfected, practice turning it on and off in stages. Practice also a shield that will allow some things through and not others. Try directional shields. Practice any type of shield you can think of. You are limited only by your imagination.

Energy Manipulation: Center, Ground and Shield. You are getting used to this right? Now that you have found your center, you know what energy looks and feels like. You should be able to see the energy in everything around you now. If you have trouble sensing energy here are a few pointers. First, try with something that is high energy. It's easier to sense energy from a flame than from a rock. Unless that rock happens to be a crystal, because a crystal has a much higher energy input than a rock. It takes quite a lot more time and energy to make a crystal than an ordinary stone. Second, the energy you are looking for feels very similar to your own energy. Third, try some kind of energy you have always felt drawn to. If you love wind, try sensing the energy of a breeze or gale, if you love the forest try sensing the energy of a tree. Once you can sense the energy, try drawing some of it(keeping in mind it's rude to draw energy from other people/sentient entities without permission). Try moving some of it around. Try pushing and pulling it.

WARNING: Ok, I am not even going to go into what will happen to you if you try to manipulate energy without properly Centering, Grounding and Shielding. There is just too much to say. Some people do it and nothing bad happens. I've heard of some very bad stuff. I don't recommend it.

Ok that is the basic stuff you need to practice to start learning magic. Complicated stuff won't work for you if you don't master this first. You should try to do these every day if you can. It won't be the end of the world if you can't, but it's best if you do.

Have fun and good luck.

PS I'm still gagged so I only check this account infrequently. If you mail me questions it might be a month or more before I respond.


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