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Cure Spells

Ritual that will make you full of strong energy. You will be ready for any situation. It may take 30 minutes. ;)
A vinegar to not catch a plague.
This Spell has a VERY SMALL chance of working, so don't think that this will definitely work. The spell will be stronger the fuller the moon is or how powerful you are in magic.
Make someone with health issues begin to feel better.
It will stop pain inside your body.
To be honest, this is more logic than a spell, but a couple of people asked me to put it on so here it is. This should give instant relieve to the 'drinker.'
will calm a person of who is suspected to have a ADHD disorder.
but are to young to be given the ordinary medication.
Get rid of acne.
This is a spell that will heal the effects of any curse (except karma!)
A spell to send healing energies to a sick or injured loved one.
This mantra will give immortal live to you which will cure you from diseases and everything.
This mantra's name is "Mahamrityunjaya Mantra" and The english translation is "Great Death-conquering Mantra"

You worship Rudra (The roarer) by chanting this mantra
Basically this song is pleased for Happy, Sad, Fear and Anger.

Required strong emotions and warmth heart.

"Sing what's inside of yours"

Created 25/11/2016
This spell will give you strength to control your anger.
This is the banish anger from yourself.
To gain requested traits of the animal in question.
Do as Mentioned Below
These three different spells disable wars forever if you choose to disable all of them.
Brew up a potion to get rid of the flu and its symptoms
A spell to help you release your anger.
This spell is for those who constantly feel depressed or on the verge of tears, this is an anti- depressant spell which may help you to see the light of the world again.
A spell to help get rid of your depression.
Call Apollo to aid in healing some wound.
This is a spell to banish a habbit or things that keep happening like getting bad grades at school.
Archangel Raphael is an angel of healing, he is often waiting to be invited into your life. His miracles are most likely to be noticed as soon as he hears your pleas. All you need to do is call upon Archangel Raphael and you or those you pray for will be healed
This is how to attract a boy/girl you like or if you already have a boyfriend/girlfriend, it will just, attract.
This is a spell to cleanse your aura of negative energies.
This spell is ment to take the pain away from a festering wound. This spell can be performed at any given time.
Azlene, goddess of shadows. With this spell you will be able to gain the sight. Azlene's sight spell will let you be able to see tiny ghosts to large ghosts.
This is just a quick spell to eliminate bad auras or feelings.
Every felt like the room was filled with bad energy?
Used to rid oneself of potentially damaging blocked, or denied memories.
This spell is to banish an illness from a friend or a loved one.
I had a very annoying pimple and this worked for me.
This spell helps you over come your fears.
Take away the bad emotion that is tacking over you.
Banish negative emotions.
This is a charm to banish a part of you, you don't like. This charm will only work on the caster and not the people around them.
This spell will banish any evil causing you to have nightmares. I do advice using a dream catcher its a better tool to prevent nightmares.
This spell is to banish an influence from you for example if someone has cursed you it will banish their influence and remove the curse.
This is my very first spell! I tried this out while a random cut started to bleed! IT ONLY STOPS MINOR BLEEDING! And please tell me if it works! :)
This will assist you in closing a wound, usually a smaller one will close faster.
You will get hungry fast
Can turn a vampire into a human.
This spell is used to become an animal.
Use this spell to either turn into a creature or to return to human from being a creature.
Increases your senses
It is used for healing and speeding up the healing of minor cuts, srapes, and wounds on one's body. Bira is a self-oriented spell. It is a great spell to have if you cut yourself or for everyday, household hazards.
This spell will defend you and destroy all the curses or black magic casted upon you. (Quick and easy)
This spell will defend you and destroy all the curses or black magic casted upon you.(Quick and easy)
This spell will bless spirits and they might start talking to you. This spell can be for animals and people, so if you want to bless any of your loved ones you can. This might also bring your animal/person back to life.
This spell will bless someones spirit if cast right.
This spell is to help restore balance in a home.
Thi spell is to cure a broken heart. Do this spell if you cant move on.
Gives strength through the power of blood.
This spell is effective, is tested. For muscle pain and catches.
Title says it all
This will help if you want to heal from a break up!
All you need is your voice and to say the incantation once. This spell is to break up a couple when an innocent is dating a cheater or somebody who is puppeteering an innocent person.
Breaks curses.
This spell can help heal sickness and nausea
Bring happiness to an individual who is down in the dumps.
this spell will help turn your depression into happiness but if you do have serious depression try a strong spell and/or seek help or you can talk to me im willing to listen i have had and still a little depression and im happy to help you!
A simple healing spell to heal another person.
This spell is to take away pain. Physical and Mental.
Use the power of fire to burn away bad habits, obsessions or addictions. You can also use this spell to break a connection with someone, like an ex you can't let go of.
This spell is for when you have a burning pain of some kind.
Egyptian goddess Isis, you can ask about improving health in early spring.
This is an excercise to help you with energy healing.
This spell will help you to calm your mind and help you in a bind.
This calms you down and can calm others.
This is a spell to ease the mind and soul.
The tension will slowly ebb away from your body, and you will feel relaxed and refreshed.
A spell to calm.
A spell to help you relax before any major event magickal or non-magickal.
This will let your cat see in color.
Changing your skin color with a simple chant.
Just as the name
A second part of my cleanse aura spell. (Part 2)
Cleanses the nearby contaminated air in a given area.
A spell to cleanse your aura. Spells don't work if you don't know the basics. You can't say a few words and expect the spell to happen.
A powerful cleansing spell directed towards one's inner eye.
This is the best way to clean your negative energies!
A meditation to remove negative energy.
To cleanse the energy and space around you.
Remove negativity with the power of the light.
If an item has been tainted, here is a way to cleanse it.
Cleansing the Spirit- to wash away curses, negative feelings, & worries. May help cleanse against demons.
This infusion gets rid of Acne after about 2 weeks of daily use.
It may seem weird but this actually works!
I want to use it on my brother but he won't let me he thinks spells are a joke.
A super simple potion for relief of cold symptoms. Tested it on myself for a stuffed nose and it worked so well! It tastes nasty so I suggest a sweetener.
Bring someone back from the dead, or from a different locations.
Don't let the comfrey leaf bits into the wound, so use a cloth that will keep them in the right place.
This spell can be used to make you and a person's communication back to normal.
This spell will help you concentrate on something.
If one is ever attempting to cast a spell on you, this is the remedy: A very powerful counter spell.
If you have a phobia, try this spell.
A spell to slightly cool and slightly heat your drink.
This helps remove the pain of scraping!
How to produce colloidal silver from the minerals in the air.
This spell will work: you can wear it or giving it to someone else.
A basic healing spell used by Konoka during the final event of the Mahorafest, it can easily heal most low-level wounds.
This really isn't a spell just read the instructions and do as they say and you should be fine.
A spell to aid in healing and cure you of afflictions.
This really isn't a spell just read the instructions and do as they say and you should be fine. This spell involves your aura.
Have a condition that's really annoying or bad, like excema? Now you can cure it!
This potion removes boils.
This is a fast and easy chant to get rid of hiccups.
This is a potion to cure any type of Lycanthropy. Some people believe in were-wolves, even fewer believe in other were-creatures. Well this potion is for ANY type of were-creature.
This Spell will make a Cure Potion, which will cure the drinkers' wounds and will ease the pain, also.
Ever wonder why you would do something, like a physical spell but it never worked? Or you did a summoning spell and never saw the spirit or whatever you summoned? This will help you see.
Use this spell to take away someone's sadness.
In the tittle.
This remedy is from a book called The Good Herb. It will get rid of a sore throat or cough!
Use this to cure your headache.
This spell is for cure a pain or an ache.(This spell was created by my mom.)
This method will cure you or someone else from HIV/AIDS.
For the gods to cure someone.
Here is to put stop to illness and death.
It will cure anything.
This spell should hopefully gradually ail the disease from which you are suffering.
Have you been cursed or know of anyone who has been cursed you can help him/her out with this.
This will help you guys how to remove a curse that you (or someone else) put on you.
This will eliminate the seeing affects of the psychic course.
This is a spell to help your loved ones be free by demons and curses.
Its a demonic healing spell. Please note its meant more for taking away aches pains and speeding up healing.
Do this spell anytime to ward away depressive thoughts.
Helps get rid of depression.
A spell to help destroy bacteria in a wound.
This spell can only be done by the witch that really trust in god and have holy heart.This spell is too dangerous as this spell can cure dangerous pain in single target and also absorb all of your energy. Witch must be a christian.
Used for people who suffered by Demon's Possession/Heartbreaks/Pain/Wound/Inner Wound/Weak(low stamina/mana).

This potion is really powerful but it takes time to heal depends on the trouble wether it's really worse or not.

"Everything happens with a reason,if it heals fast,it must be the god who helps you because of something good.If it heals slow,maybe you don't understand how things work"

!!Required patient!!

Basically Changes your dogs eyesight from seeing in black and white to seeing in color
To become a more dominant person
This is Perfect for starting out in Dragon Magick!
This spell should drive evil spirits away.
Use this spell to aid yourself from being a Vampire or Sanguine.
Another simple healing tool.
Spell to ease a headache.
Use this spell to rid yourself of a stomach ache!
If you just got done with a bad relationship and you are heart broken this would be the perfect spell for you.
A simple spell to help heal yourself or another
This spell is strongest at helping to heal some minor wounds during a full moon.
This spell is both simple and effective at relieving pain, but it requires one thing as with all spells, you need to be magic
To protect yourself, friends, family, and/or a loved one.
Gain energy from the elements.
This spell is make a nightmare for a person(or more).
Start over if needed, the person doesn't need to be near you or even know you are doing it. Also there is no reversing it if you change your mind later.
It sends the curse back to the one who cast it on you.
If you are a Satanist but sometimes you get possessed by an unwanted spirit, you can kick them away with this chant.
You may make enchanting cookies to enchant someone or use in potions.
This spell will banish any and all of your fears if you want it to with all your heart
This is a spell to make you feel better instantly!
This fire-based spell is used to target a specific illness. Although, I personally am a water-based mage, I have authority over fire as well. The following spell is very effective
This spell will help heal you using fire.
Do you think you are too... big in the stomach? This may help!
This spell will send the flu a way.
Cures the flu. Only use if you are currently sick.
Extremely simple natural remedy for burns. Should heal the burn and leave no mark.
Works for stomach pain, indigestion and colon issues.
For the troubled insomniac. This spell allows the witch to cure his insomnia and finally sleep again at night through the Magick of simple candle smoke.
You feel so hurt that someone you cared for is gone. All of that pain inside can go away with this spell.
If you need to forget someone or something this spell will help
If you have a lot going on in your life, this spell will work
For you friends and family members. Enjoy.
This spell will make you closer to you friend/s.
This it's an easy thing to do to get some more energy from nature!
It does what the title says it does
This spell gets rid of your negative energy for a while.
This spell will get rid of pain. However, it may not work if you doubt it or arent powerful enough.
Makes the target feel better. This spell is really useful when a person that you care for is sad and you are far away.
Get rid of zits on yourself
Very simple to do. Use this spell to achieve a wish.
Only one catch to this spell...
Be careful of what you ask for.
The first part is a banishing, and the second part is a healing and binds the demon and other negative energies away from you, so long as you follow the last steps.
Be careful of what you wish for.
With this simple spell you will be able to get over a past love or heartbreak.
This will help you get over someone.
for when your nights have become very restless (3 nights or more)
If demands are flying at you from all directions at once and you feel like you're under siege you may feel overwhelmed. Instead of caving in under the pressure, drink this magick potion to keep your cool.
This potion is used to heal you
To grow hair or aid it.
This spell can be use if you are very lonely. It will make you happy instead.
Makes the target feel better. This spell is really useful when a person that you care for is sad and you are far away.
This spell helps gain happiness with the help of your favorite kind of music.
Need to perk up your mood a bit? Need to brighten up? Need to lose the stress that's hurting you crazily? You've come to the right place!
Invoke happiness and joy in your life. Will bring you some sense of feeling better.
Just a few Hex antidotes to cast off various typed of hexes.
This spell helps individuals in recovery to achieve normal health sooner. It works best when performed on a Monday, especially during the three days leading up to a full moon.
It lets you have fun when your sick.
If you are having bad dreams try this spell.
Make a pesky headache go away!
Used to get rid of a headache.
This will cure a friend's headache. It will also give you a slight headache.
This brew will cure your headache instantly
Disclaimer: I think this goes without saying but I'll say it anyways; DO NOT use if allergic to the following: coconut, lemon, lavender, or peppermint
Today I was getting a really bad headache and something told me to trace with my right index finger a star (pentagram) I tried both upside down and right side up and they both got rid of the headache I had to make myself think hard enough to get a second one and you have to put your right hand (open) on the pentagram and than remove your hand as you close it than do a throwing motion as if throwing the headache away.
If you have a bad burn this will work.
A healing spell that heals everyone in your household or someone else's household.
Heals pain in 5 seconds literally.
Use this spell to heal your wounds and take the pain
I made a way to heal myself when I was wounded and so I can heal others when they need. This is made by me and is powered directly by me.
That's really nice; most people only ever request spells for themselves and that can be problematic. Doing a loving heart healing spell for another person is a wonderful gift. You can use this spell for any friend who could do with more love in their lives, or a relative, or a lover, or a child. Beautiful spell, only two ingredients - your intention and your love.
Title says it all.
Will heal a small cut and stop or slow bleeding.
I wrote this spell to help mend the pain of a broken heart.
Use this spell to heal the pain caused from a broken heart.
This spell is to heal a broken heart. I wrote it and have tested it. It worked for me.
If the spell has not worked for you you can change it up a bit. If you have any questions please feel free to mail me!
Use this spell to heal minor burns.
This spell can help with even the MOST painful headaches.
Title says it all. Use this spell to heal someone's emotions.
This spell can heal only one person at a time you can heal yourself, a friend, family member, or just anyone.
This spell is kind a voodoo spell, still you can see some differences, will work for sure.
In the tittle
Can heal a wound infected with magic.
As title says.
A healing spell.
This spell can heal only one person at a time you can heal yourself, a friend, family member just anyone.
This spell heals over night as you sleep.
Can drink but recommended: this spell is to heal bruises
A spell to cure the afflicted
Use this spell to heal internal pain.
It will heal a cut or wound in half of time it would normaly heal.
This ritual will heal most sicknesses.
This will heal a bruise.
To heal a wound.
A simple healing spell!
This spell heals you or lessens pain.
Used to heal wounds and for dehydration.
Helps heal cuts or injury.
A spell to help with healing.
To help ease minor pain.
This spell can be used to help heal bodily wounds.
Simple way to cure a cut or scrape.
Healing spell.
Heal someone with cancer.
This will help a car go completely away,.
A spell to help your sickness
Has work, i tried it before. It can heal either you or another person.
Heals family.
A romany spell to increase your healing towards another person.
Use this to heal someone over time.
Simple spell to heal a loved one, or to ease their pain
This is the healing mantra of the Medicine Buddha. He is a kind, compassionate Buddha who will cure you of disease, sickness, and any sort of curse. It will heal you and protect you. Any who hear or chant this mantra will not be reborn into a low life, but into a much better life.
Healing spell for small injuries or pain.
Works with cuts, scratches, colds,stomach aches etc.
This is another healing potion of mine.
Heal anyone with one sip. I used herbs from Warrior cats.
Ok you only use this on a bloody cut.
Heals wound in one day. Does not always work.
Heals Cuts Do Not Drink
Heals only small wounds.
For minor cuts or bruises, this spell will heal them.
When this potion is made, the consumer shall heal from whatever fate they have, illness or future suffering.
A healing potion to heal a cold.
To quickly heal a small bruise. (Works for either you banged your knee on something, you had a paper cut, etc.)
This is a spell for someone in need of healing.
I found the words on here and added ingredients. Use during waning gibbous moon phase.
This is the song Rapunzel sings in Tangled
This will help heal anything with magic energy.
To heal.
This is meant for all types of healing.
Are you feeling ill? (This is only for yourself; if somebody else is ill you must do it for yourself.)
This spell's for you!
This spell will heal broken bones or sprained bones.
You have to say this atleast three times: "A touch of rock a bruise right there, vanish scars, blemishes everywhere." and when you say 'there' touch the place you want to heal.
This spell should heal you within a day or two.
(Yes, I know this is from Legend Of Zelda, but I edited the song so it is a spell! It can also be used as a witches lullaby.) This spell will heal you (or someone else) mentally mostly and a bit physically.
Heal an ill patient with either, a cold cough, or just a regular fever
A ritual which heals your spiritual illnesses
This is a quickly learn-able spell that I've used to heal sickness from colds to pneumonia.
Simply heal yourself or a friend using a towel.
This spell is guaranteed to work. Heals the broken heart and releases you from emotional pain.
Call upon the Gods to heal someone.
It heals sprained or broken bone (not instantly just helps).
This spell will increase healing on small wounds.
this spell is to help you heal a friend, but you take the pain instead so beware. also this only works on things like cuts, bruises, sprains, headaches, ect. it doesnt work on broken bones though sorry. if your doing it on more than one friend at a time you will need more candles.
A simple spell that helps to heal even the worst aliments.
This spell allows you to heal someone, but not yourself.
Here's two different yet similar spells to heal someone you know and another to heal someone you don't know like maybe a friends friend.
Is the Healing Spell I gave you not really your thing? Is it not perfect enough for you? Try this healing POTION instead of the healing spell!
(If potions aren't your thing, I have a Healing Spell you could try. The ingredients don't HAVE to be done, they enhance it, of course.)
This potion is of my creation. This potion can be used to heal pain, inflammation, bruises and muscle pain.
Eliminates heartburn & prevents heartburn from occurring.
Healing rash.
Know someone who suffers from arthritis? Well this is a simple spell that can help them.
A very nice spell to help another person.
If you're like me and seem to be a magnet for allergies and colds and can never seem to find relief, this should ease your troubles when basic medicines won't help.
Stop an addiction dead in its tracks.
This is my first time adding a spell so I'm not sure if it's going to work 100 percent so please don't get mad if doesn't work.
This spell should help you if you have Insomnia.
When you don't believe in yourself your heart says this won't work in spell caster or in your self at any thing we'll use this then say this or chant it doesn't matter how many times.
This is my own healing spell, Healing with the power of nature.
Simple and powerful way to heal acne using herbs,crystals, and apple cider vinegar.
An herbal way to ease sunburn and make it heal into a tan!
Title says it.
Purify anything.
Heal a wound with holy water.
cleans home of impurities
Go help get rid of strong possession.
Salt with properties of herbs.
This is how to make a Healing Jar. A Healing Jar can be used to help heal from grief and emotional pain, physical problems, promote love, happiness, abundance, luck, or anything you desire! You can customize the ingredients however you like and even add your own personal ones for a much powerful spell. The possibilities are endless!
I will teach you how to make moon water
this is how to reverse a curse you have put on somebody.
This will make you immortal just do everything it says (also heals the sick).
This spell will make you immortal
For immortality
Is it the day of the big day, and you wake up sick. Or the big preformance and you have a cold? This potion will instantly heal all sicknesses almost instantly, and all of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen!
TRUTH be an elusive spirit that chooses to whenever possible to remain hidden. Truth will not come readily when called nor remain long. The following incantation can be used to summon up Truth on a single subject but is only effective when Truth is summoned in honesty and good will. Truth cannot be tricked or cheated and will not heed the frivolous call.
Healing spell from the goddess Isis.
A spell to banish your headache.
Use the power of fire to bring a little more joy into your life.
By using this spell you can bring some joy into your life by the power of fire.
This Spell kills the thing you are
thinking of except you so be careful!
This will help rid you of any bad habits you have that you wish to not have.
Lady Oriel was known for healing people with pixies, sprites, and blessings.
This is an improved version of my first love spell, "Christian Latin Love Charm."
this spell will cleanse you and take away any negative energy.
This spell is to break and jinx,hex, or curse you think or know was placed on you.
If you have been cursed and which to be released from the curse.
You will instantly fell better if you are in pain.
To release someone from a curse or a series of bad luck events.
I use this as a way to heal injuries.
Use this to review what happened a month ago in your past.
You may use a potion (in this spell) or you may say it. This spell is meant to attract a lover to you.
You may use a potion (in this spell) or you may say it.
This spell will make the people you love or hate love each other.
You're definitely going to have to find an occult or New Age supplier to find lucky hand root, but you can't substitute anything else in this spell.
This was made as an optional addition to my Crystal Healing spell. I would suggest not drinking, but use it as you wish for all you health purposes. Message me with any questions.
If your soul rejects you, you might loose your magic. To get your magic back, or return your soul, this is the spell.
Like the title says, this potion is magick infused and will heal the drinker. The chant will be an optional, but it does make the potion stronger.
It's really useful for herbs and circle protection or healing.
This is some general information about making a spell work.
Make a potion following these directions.
Anyone reciting her mantra will be cured of black magic, sickness, hexes, and curses. Her mantra will also protect you from all evil, sickness, curses, and black magic.
These are mantras for the 12 zodiac signs. They are beneficial to the person born under the specific zodiac sign and will protect them.
Here is a spell I use to rid myself of all illnesses. Look in a mirror and say this spell.
A simple method of healing cuts and bruises.
This spell will ward off nightmares.
This is a way to protect you from negativities with the help of the moon and the sea
goddess, you are my mother,
horned one, you are my father,
lady moon, you are my sister,
Calls on goddess, horned one, moon and sun to cleanse and cure you of the burden of your regets and spiritual imperfections.
A spell to help your hearing!
A spell to help your eyesight!
To remove negative energy from body.
Get rid of any bad habits you have.
This spell is for people who hate being tickled or are very ticklish and don't want to be.
Throw your pain out the window!
No pain where ever you put the two fingers.
Well, obviously not to get writers block anymore.
Invoke Nyx to grant you her sacred blessing of the moon, to protect you from the dangers of the world.
A spell to be one with nature.
This spell is Not Tested so it might not work and I am not sure of the side-effects so beware...
Pms tea to relax your symptoms.
A rub that will ease pain.
Cures your of minor pains.
This spell will stop pain. It's easy to do it.
This technique was inspired by Prometheus I have to admit, but it works quite well for me.
I always see revenge spells like cripple your enemies or break his/her legs but I never see heal your legs or get out of that chair. So this spell is how to fix handicap for you or others.
It makes your parent more kinder and makes them give you some slack.
This spell can help promote a more restful sleep and pleasant dreams. An ideal magickal option if you're under stress and can't sleep
A routine to make you peaceful and calm
This simply elixer helps heal, and renew peeling skin.
This is a way to heal an injury, infection, or just a type of chronic pain with a specific divination tool.
The purpose of this spell is to heal those who are hurt, from closing a wound to easing pain.
Make your plants grow more.
Helps writers block.
A simple potion for refreshment if you're feeling down or very tired.
This excercise will help you with energy healing
Morrigan is the Crone of War and will grant you strength if you pray to her daily.
This will make you happier
My provided spells are highly powerful. Use this at your own risk. It will provide you protection from all evil things.
A chant to stop nightmares before you sleep.
This spell grants basic protection from spirits.
this spell will protect you from any sickness
Healing with your energy from the psi ball.
A list of the possible psychic abilities. I will be adding more onto it as I find more about psychic abilities.
Energy Spell to purify water using the energy of Air around you.
An easy way to reduce the pain on cuts, bruises and everyday body pain.
A spell to quit an addiction.
to reverse a curse
Side Effects May Include-
Extreme sensitivity to sound and echoes for 15-45 minutes.
Slight sadness in yourself for 15-30 minutes.
Dreary weather (Unlikely, but possible)
This spell is from vampire diaries which is cast by my idol and it works for all different kind of pain.
For people who have lost emotion.
Does many Wonders for your body. Just put a few drops on whatever area of body and rub it in. I made it myself.
Tea to help calm your nerves. Good for: stress, headaches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and digestive problems.
A bath to loosen the grip of stress.
A simple meditation method to relieve stress.
If you do not want to take medication for your headache, there is another way to relieve it for a short time.
This is not a spell, but a technique. Anyone can do this, and it is effective.
This is to help rid yourself of other peoples negative energy.
To remove a curse of death from you.
It's not actually a spell,it's more like a simple ritual for removing headache.
Repair a broken bird feather. Feathers can be destroyed by cats or sometimes we find destroyed bird feather. Feathers can be used in magic, they have spirit of the bird.
A spell to help encourage a peaceful, refreshing sleep. Easy for beginners.
Retract a spell you did
This spell can reverse ANY spell of any kind! I have tried it and it reversed a love, attraction, and transformation spell! If the spell doesn't work: A) You aren't strong enough to cast it B) You aren't perfoming the spell correctly.
Use this spell to reverse any harmful magic. This could work to reverse the effects of a spell cast on you or someone else with malicious intent.
If you are depressed in any way, this is a spell to help you get back on track.
This spell can reverse vampirism.
The way to take curse off of you or someone else
Want to reverse a curse/spell on you or someone else, either accidental or incidental? Just use this spell.
if you're cursed this spell is to reverse it.
This spell aims to reverse a spell by an unknown witch. This was originated in some parts of England during the salem trial.
To revive a dead or wilting plant.
Easy spell to get rid of anger.
Get rid of your weaknesses.
Lice is a common problem in students, teachers and parents alike. This short ritual is relaxing and should help with your lice problem.
Makes you lucky.
Get rid of an annoying headache.
If you've come across some bad luck lately, this easy-to-cast spell can help you get rid of it.
Gets rid of pain (minor pain) such as a scratch or a cut.
Basically if you sell your soul to the devil this could save your soul.
Use this spell to stop voices in your head.
Have you ever had to scratch but been in too politer company to do so? If so then this spell is right for you!
Note: Give yourself time to allow the suggestions to take hold. It can take up to two weeks to start getting the benefits related to your suggestion.
A good spell for beginners to use to self purify and cleanse.
This excercise will help you with energy healing
Please note this spell is designed for two people, the person channeling the energy from the subject.
Use this technique to cleanse away your stress and anxiety.
Use this technique to cleanse away your stress and anxiety.
Someone being annoying and loud? Use this spell to shut them up.
How to use sigils to manifest your desires.
This spell is an easy spell to help heal animals for beginners. This spell wont heal the animal completely but it will quicken the healing process and make your animal feel better faster.
A simple spell to take the pain away.
Simple healing for minor injuries.
This spell heals small cuts and bruises. Completely works, tested before posted.
This spell will let you heal small cuts faster than they normally would.
This spell will decrease or get rid of pain in any specific area you focus on
A spell to use for yourself or someone else (with their permission and acceptance) to ease emotional or physical pain.
A. easy herbal remedy good for beginners.
This spell with help ease and lessen pain.
Be it bones, or muscles, or guts.
A simple yet effective stress relief potion. You can most likely find the ingredients right there in your kitchen.
This is a little song/spell you sing to your friend or loved one to cure there food poisoning.
Do you keep waking up at night which is preventing you from sleep? Perhaps you're having nightmares lately? Well, cast this spell and watch as you have a really nice sleep and good dreams.
This spell isn't so much as a spell as it is a potion. This is mainly to either help you sleep if you are having trouble falling asleep, or to discharge nightmares. Or whatever reason you need it for, it's none of my business.
Works very well to heal minor cuts.
This spell is great for travel in general but is especially good for longdistance air travel foregin or domestic.
Do you have mood swings? Do you get angry easy? This is a spell for that.
This potion is to relax your muscle and relief stress. Make this potion if you are +18 age.
Spare your life by asking the God of Death to overlook you.
To help speed along healing.
If you and a friend have had a bad fight, use this spell to ease tensions and help you set things right.
This spell amplifies your every day grounding techniques and is definitely good to aid in relaxation when you are feeling extremely drained.
That's really nice; most people only ever request spells for themselves and that can be problematic. Doing a loving heart healing spell for another person is a wonderful gift. You can use this spell for any friend who could do with more love in their lives, or a relative, or a lover, or a child. Beautiful spell, only two ingredients - your intention and your love.
Ths spell will help your upset stomach settle.
This is a spell that should decrease the effects of a stomach ache or bug, or really any stomach pain, so instead of "stomach bug" say the problem you wish to be gone. *FIRST SPELL* Please mail me feedback! I'd love to make someone's day better!
This will stop you from bleeding. When you stop there will be no blood.
ask Erebus to stop cutting yourself.
This spell will stop Minecraft griefers from joining your server and making fun of you at school
Basically this spell will stop pains. It depends on the amount of pain though, if its not very painful it should work and if its something like a graze or paper cut it will need lots of concentration.
Just one word that will make you stop sneezing
This spell stops all/one spell you have casted.
Make a spine straight and perfect again!
Will take some of your stress away.
A quick magic enhanced balm to ease stress and may help a person sleep or ease nervousness.
Can't fall asleep? Well here you go.
This spell can summon any spirit, even people that don't exist!
This spell is used to relieve an Empath of any sort of pain that he or she picked up via their gift.
Aid for sweet, vivid dreams.
This spell will take away most of the pain from small injuries.
How to talk to cats.
Have a cough? Sick of taking disgusting cough syrup that barely works? This is Te spell for you! It tastes good, heals a cold, and actually was commonly used in the Middle Ages!
Makes your teeth whiter.
Use this to relieve temporary pains.
I've tested this and it works. It's fast, and easy. Good luck! ^^
Thaumaturge spell. This spell allows the Practitioner to conjure Healing energy through their hands and into a pain/injury spot on someone else's/the Practitioner's body.
This is to be used for anyone who has a natural healer's ability, and wants to strengthen it. Despite the term "Purge" having a negative connotation, this ritual set is healthy.
fix an electronic device
I am a seer and this is the future listen well
This spell and potion should help with a sore throat. It is not guaranteed, but it did work on Alex and Dylan. Oh- Hello! I am Megan, by the way!
This spell aids in falling asleep for those nights you're far too restless.
To banish hatred and resentment. This spell allows the witch to completely banish feelings of hatred and resentment for someone and/or something.
This is a meditation to help you find and hopefully keep peace.
This will heal skin problums and bruses and bloody clots it will do fantastic
This can heal a family member from life-threatening sickness or wounds. *permanent life is not guaranteed*
This simple spell I made to heal or change the way your face looks.
I have chronic anxiety and panic attacks, and this relieves my anxiety.
To rid yourself of the pain inside of you.
As a keen writer I use this spell a lot whenever I get writers block and it works for me every time! I hope it works for you too!
A Romany spell
In the tittle.
I am currently suffering from horribly gum pain from my wisdom teeth and whipped up a medicinal gel from herbs and oils with purifying properties.
This spell should give someone the urge to confess to a lie, it can be whispered, as long as you are looking at the person.
Ever wanna rewind time and erase the dumb stuff you do? Then here's your spell!
A simple undo spell.
Undo vampire spell you previously did.
I found that removing a soul tie was extremely hard for me so I found this short chant to help the most for me.
This helps you to get out of being a vampire.
Relaxes you and relieves your stress.
Good for a cold, dreary day and for anyone with low spoons. Yes, it may seem very simple and a bit silly, but it's very effective.
If you know somone who is ill or sick use this spell and await their recovery
It is not designed for major wounds. This spell is made to relieve pain from minor and trivial injuries.
Voodoo potion for psychic
Let the water heal you.
Helps if you're stressed having a bad day or just wanted to be calming.
This is a technique through which all your wishes work immediately connecting to the nature.
Anyone who does this will see the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and have their wishes granted. It doesn't matter if you smoke, are evil, drink alcohol, eat meat, or whatever. It works for everyone.
Simple wish spell, easy and a good spell for beginners
This spell allows the caster to bring forth peoples worries.
Heals a wound quickly.
It gives you the power to do what a god can do
this heals a cut and is very simple one
it will make a red drink into blood so that vampires do not have do kill i know their is alot of spells like this here but i know this one works also if it does not work it will become a blood subsitute.
basically a thing i use to ease the bloated effect if you eat too much it will still be there but not
bad as it was
this is proven to help with a heart break or any depression.
helps cure the flu, you will throw up
this isn't for really serious sicknesses this is for colds,headaches,sore throat, etc
this wont work if you don't have the ancestory of the werewolf
it will take a little time
Gives you greatist scientific base in life and knowledge that no human knows...
not give a $h@t! easy and simple!
it makes vampires be able to go in the sun *tested works*
A spell that kicks in after at least a month

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