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Strength Spells

This is a old working vampire chant, And a working reverse spell, Works on all spells. c;
Uses the elements to protect you. This is from my very own spell book. I have tried it and it seems to be very potent. If it doesn't work for you then you might want to adapt it to your own purposes, but it should be fine.
Warning : Not work for everyone

1st : Gives you a pair of horns
2nd : Gives you a pair of wings
3rd : Makes you friendlier with nature
4th : Elements Combination
5th : Eye colour change
Invoke 6 elements to temporarily increase physical condition.
(Adapted from RITUALS OF ASATRU; Volume One--Major Blots, and Volume Two--Seasonal Festivals, by Stephen A. McNallen; published by World Tree Publications, Copyright 1990)
A simple guide of how to get energy. Works better on full moons.
This is more of an intermediate spell. Though if done right, can change your mid section drastically in a short period of time.
Iadians are the name of the race the androginous goddess Iada, who many refer to as god is a part of. this tells you about them, and how to become one like I did
To be able to accept and actions of the past, and to have the ability to move on.
A very simple, but effective protection ritual.
Trade your obsessions for something even better
To help boost your agility.
A basic agility spell.
I tried this spell and it works perfectly!
A spell to sell a part of your body spiritually in order to gain something in return.
This is a simple, yet powerful and effective spell that I wrote myself and use to summon my abilities before doing magic.
This spell calls for the protective power of the Angels. More specifically 3 Angels.
A method on how to create your very own angel or demon who'll do anything and everything you ask of it.

This spell will give you strength to control your anger.
If there is one or more people who Anger you and seem to throve off of your outbursts, this is perfect for you.
WARNING: This spell uses Black magic!
For protection against spells cast against you.
Helps solve questions, making solving things easier.
Whenever you are feeling anxious, take several deep breaths and repeat the following until you have calmed down.
This spell will make it appear that you have died.
Protect yourself as well as increase your stamina strength and will. Note this is protection in a spiritual sense not from actual physical danger.
After having your aura unlocked, this is how to strengthen your aura usage. Note: If you've never used your aura before, even after unlocking, this will also help you use it.
This Alchemic Transmutation is designed after the sword Clarent, twin brother to Excalibur, which gives great power and knowledge to its wielder when in need.
This spell will help you to awaken your inner wolf spirit.
Awaken the darkness within yourself.
This spell will awaken your natural gifts, it may or may not be psychic.
To back up a spell to make it stronger.
It reduces the pain for a bit and it heals you twice as fast.
A spell to make you more magical.
This makes you strong at least for a day, but if you want it be a day you have to do this lots of times.
This is temporary but will boost your strength.
This will make you be able to shift into a dragon of all elements. You will be able to shift from human to dragon, dragon to human at your very own will. You can also get your wings in human form!
This spell will guide you through the exciting process of becoming half-human half-cat (neko)! All you need is belief, some private time, and a voice.
Think positive, think that it's true and it can happen because you are strong you can handle the pain.
If you've ever read or seen the mortal interments you can become a shadow hunter like Jase, Isaiblle, and Alec.
This is a werewolf spell I found. I'm not the one who wrote it. And I haven't try it but some say it works. Try it if you want to find out.
If you believe, you will become a werewolf.
This is a werewolf spell I found. I'm not the one who wrote it. And I haven't try it but some say it works. Try it if you want to find out.
If you believe, you will become a werewolf.
Use this easy spell to become a wizard.
you can shapeshift into anything, even imaginary creatures! this is my first spell
This spell will turn you into an avian and you get your wings in one lunar cycle (29.5 days).
This tea will help you relax and get your mind and body ready for a spell.
This spell is for beginners and is dangerous you have been warned. This is to show you how to power your spells with blood.
Gives you a better smelling sense.
Increases your senses
To use this spell you must be able to picture the evil you wish to bind within your mind.
A spell for moving, focusing, and/or harnessing your negative energy.
To create a small ball of fire that has the strength of a comet.
This spell will allow you to change your body however you want.
To buck up a spell to make it stronger.
This is to help you build up your magick belief.
The aid of a god, goddess or deity for whatever you need.
Spell to call a lost witch
This is a potion that when drank, toattaly calms you and puts you in a peaceful and relaxing mood. Best used when fired up over a frusterating situation.
This spell will charge a wand.
You enchant an item so it gives you inner strength.
A way to flow energy to become physically stronger, this is a shaolin kung fu energy exercise, and know this this is a real thing this exercise when used repeatedly for years with enough physical exercise as well has been known to make you able to break bricks.
This is a spell to give you the attributes of an old Aztec being. Which is a child of the moon goddess that they worshiped. Please let me know how well it works.
Ward off evil spirits for as long as you live.
A meditation to remove negative energy.
A spell to cleanse an area: of bad energy, spirits, etc.
Increases the protection of the wearer of said clothes.
A spell to recover yourself after a confrontation, which often rattle ones nerves, even when you are in the right and win.
This spell will enable you to connect to the flow, also known as the source.
This spell is somewhat dangerous not only to you, but the others you may hurt using this spell.
Will control the sky gradually.
This spell worked for me... when I wore the necklace... it brought me courage. You need to be scared when you use it.
This spell was from the movie the craft. This is to form a circle or coven.
Will remove some of the pain.
A daily affirmation to chant.
This spell can protect you from anything if you do it right.
A spell to conjure a demon.
Do this spell anytime to ward away depressive thoughts.
This spell comes frome the charmed book of shadows so enjoy.
Gain some of the powers and strength of a dragon with this simple but expensive spell.
A stone filled with dragon energy which can be used to increase fighting ability and give you the will and power of dragons.
If there is a bully that starts to beat you up on your street, be prepared! This quick and easy spell requires nothing but a connection to the astral dragons.
The same as dragon force but has lower power! See descriptions in the normal dragon force spells
This spell let's you tap into your dragon mind.
After harnessing a dragons power, you need to start with a good defensive technique. (Reference My Dragon Energy Summoning Spells)
When you're defending yourself for any attacks. This is a perfect spell.
A spell to steal energy from whatever you're touching or standing on.
This potion will give you naturestic powers. It will allow you to make plants grow, turn bad soil to good, ect.
To make yourself jump further and higher.
To gain strength from Earth
A Easy Spell To Give You A Temporary Boost Of Physical Strength.
This isn't a spell it is a type of meditation to increase your energy, chakra and chi.
Make an elemental armor.
This "spell" is actually a technique to use to strengthen your energy.
When you're at you limit ask for strength from the elements.
This spell will help protect you from negative energy and spirits and enhance your ability to do spells.
Element of Earth
A spell to improve your emotional well being, for when your depressed for example.
A chant to use to empower your workings.
This with help you gain energy and recharge works better when you really need it
Will provide the practitioner with enough energy to cast a basic spell.
This spell will give you energy.
A spell to give yourself energy.
My First spell creation :) but it worked for me.
Two differant spells. One enhances speed the other strength.
This is a spell for the gods to notice you.
This spell is useful when making decisons. It calls on fairies to help you as you dicide what to do.
This spell will make you run faster.
It is extremely healthy for not only your third eye but your spirit to get in personal acquaintance with your soul, it will not work for everyone because for some in a past life have betrayed the soul, so they shy themselves but anyone can still travel within themselves.
This spell can give you infernal skills.
Binding spell, to be used for protection and safety not for the harm of others.
This spell will give some of your magick to friend(witch or not) by putting it into an object. A good easy spell that works.
This spell will make you get powers.
It does work to give you any power you want.
This spell works 100%, i dont like to lie, so i will tell you that when you use it, you will build a connection with me, thats a good thing, because if you have trouble i will can help you, and the other thing is that when you use this spell, i become more powerful too! Enjoy your new powers! P.S. You can start with a simple control of the weather, and more you use the spell more you become stronger!
The spell to give you the speed of Gimthenadite.
(This will not make your personal belongings disappear.)
This form of incantation is a spiritual invocation used to help you establish a spiritual relationship with the spirit of god.
This spell will aid you in your confidence.
For if you're having trouble passing, need help with the way you're seen, or want reassurance for yourself.
With this spell, you should have good luck within the next week. The spell only lasts one week and possibly two.
Chant this as many times as you wish to ground yourself.
Both Nature and Witches use energy. This spell is to show you how much you've grown in your magic by planting a bonsai tree or a flower.
Makes you grow 6 inches.
Call forth your dragon in aid of your protection.
Brings powers from Hades the greek god of the underworld and you can change to Pluto if you want.
Makes you move quiker for a limited time
This will give you more stamina and possibly speed in about 4 minutes.
This spell will take most of your pain from your broken heart.
This spell can heal only one person at a time you can heal yourself, a friend, family member just anyone.
Short and simple Healing Spell
This spell helps a tree that has carved on, has fungi, or has a disease.
This can work on you or others.
This spell can heal small things or very serious things it depends how powerful you are.
This is a group energy working spell. It will help create strength in a coven or a small group of witches.
This prayer allows you to summon Hecate so that she will take you under her wing and protect you from harm.
Please understand that mind does not function strength, the heart does, because the heart is a very powerful vessel that engulfs your entire muscular system and your entire inner power with godlike strength by courage.
This empowers a ring, making it magical.
This spell will make you a angle, holy guard, holy spell caster or a heaven defender.
This how to connect and have protection from Gaia the mother earth.
A spell that explains how to feel energy.
This is how to make a wand for your magickal needs
How to take energy from other living things and some objects
It makes you much stronger against them that you may even fatally injure them. This is NOT a spell of black magic, as you are only defending yourself. I created this spell and it has always worked for me.
Have the ability to shape water
This spell will make you about as close to a vampyre as you can get. Note: This is irreversible!
I have one of the original copy of the bbok of shadows here is a initiation ritual
Everyone has fire within them and if you wish to controll the fire around you you must connect with the fire within you.
Contact your inner fire power.
This spell is used for when you need inner strength the most.
This is a way to open up your inner hearing . This is a simple method and may work for some better than others.
Source: pagan book of hours.
Invoke Hades in aid of spell casting. Best done during the night.
Invoke Lucifer
To invoke  Poseidon in aid of spell casting. Best done during a high tide or near the ocean. 
Invoke Zeus in aid of spell casting. Best done during a rainy and windy day with thunder clouds.
This makes it so you are happy, and strong!
This spell decapacitates or ernergizes anyone depending on your emotions.
A simple way to stay awake!
To help make problems go away.
Reflects negativity, anger, curses, hexes, malevolent forces.
Makes you jump higher for a day.
You still need to exercise, but you will just lose weight faster.
Allows your senses to sense magic around you and also improving your sight, hearing, smelling, and tasting skills!
Use this to bind someone from hurting others and themselves.
A spell that is great and easy for whenever you feel drained or you just want to enhance your powers.
Use Mother Nature's gifts to make a nature wand.
A wand can help make a spell stronger. Be willing to cut your hand.
Make a wand to make your spells more powerful, and quick.
A wand can help make a spell stronger. Be willing to cut your hand.
This is a spell to help with any mental blockage.
Turn into a mermaid
Here is a spell I use to rid myself of all illnesses. Look in a mirror and say this spell.
Gain more strenght.
A spell to make you as muscular as you wish.
Increase muscle strength.
Gain power from mother earth
Turn into a neko.
This relaxing bath will help bring out your natural psychic abilities, and connect with the energies of the moon. Try to perform this spell during the phase of the new moon if you can. All the spells I post come from my spell book.
Allows you to temporarily see in the dark.
Get rid of any bad habits you have.
This is a old working vampire chant, And a working reverse spell, Works on all spells. c;
Become associated with the sea.
A spell to make it easier for ideas to come to you, and learn with more alertness.
Opens your third eye.
To help anybody else overcome emotional pain that's been caused by whatever.
Make a positive, or negative, ball of energy.
A spell designed to ask the patron god of the caster for magical aid.
To give your self the power of the pheonix. This will last for 5 moons (5 days).
This little elixir will speed up the growing of your plant and give it an extra little boost of power ;) keep in mind it will not instantly grow your plant because that's not possible
A spell to call the power of nature
Name tells.
This spell will turn you into a witch at dawn the morning after you do the spell.
This will help you to heal a person suffering from a disease.
It gives you more power for casting magic.
These are very powerful elements.
You will become more powerfull in magick.
This is a spell I wrote to get you powers. You can choose the hand motion to activate them also.
A prayer that you can say before eating.
Morrigan is the Crone of War and will grant you strength if you pray to her daily.
A prayer to Cassiel, the angel of temperance. Used during times of distress.
A simple spell, for people who are about to do a decent workout.
A protection spell that protects you and your friend pysicaly and emotionally.
This potion will help protect you and your home from negative energies and other negative sources and all you have to do is keep it with you in a little bottle.
Use this spell to grant you peace.
Implied in the the title.
This spell should be done daily to help strengthen your aura and shield your mind from psychic attack
This spell cleanses your body to give you strength,and wellness.
This spell is intended to bring inner peace, a smile to your face and the releasing of negative emotions & negative energies.
For Progress And Ambition
Makes a great gift. Can ward off any feeling you wish.
Expelled your hate and trade it for something better: the ability to control fire
Rehydrate yourself within seconds.
This spell allows you to increase the strength of an item. Results may vary.
Easy relaxation ritual
To call upon you inner strengh.
This is a spell to bring pain relief to a place on your body.
This spell basically makes you run faster.
A little spell to push that mile time.It uses the elements. It won't make a 12:00 minute mile into a 6:00 mile, but it will make you a faster runner for a short time.
Slaughter your enemy's with the power of the Red Army Brand Vodka©
This is a prayer for satanist to get Guidance from Satan.
To seal a box or bag, to be only opened by you.
the title says it all
You can use this to train in magic, fighting, or anything.
A simple good luck spell to bring to happiness and fortune in life.
• voice and belief
Spell/Prayer to the goddess to be more beautiful (handsome) and more powerful.
A spell to aid you and protect you while sleeping, causing a better future.
I made this up a while ago and it actually works to give you more speed and strength.
This is a short visualization spell to help you grow in confidence, courage, passion and inner strength. It is to be done to a piece of music that starts off slow and then builds up to a peak - this is important as it really helps to engage your emotions.
A simple spell for whenever a friend needs some help
This spell is to get you the muscles that you have all ways wanted but not for shore if it works.
It gives an extra kick for the day fills you with energy and possibly helps with love.
This dish increases your powers no matter what the power is.
This is a technique used to fuse with a spirit but as a firm suggestion, you should use your guardian spirit or totem.
This is to give your drawing spirits power. (See the drawing spirits spell) it has been tested, my drawing spirit Ryan moved my fan, but I gave him some dark magic which makes them more powerful.
A spell to stay awake.
Will make you really strong
This is a spell to increase your strength.
Do this spell anytime to gain personal strength.
This is a spell to increase your strength.
Do this spell anytime to gain personal strength.
This spell can grant you super strength temporarily.
Carry this amulet with you in order to increase your strength, ferocity, and confidence.
Potion used to increase strength and athletic performance.
Make you Strong
You will need a lot of heart to do this.
I saw somone that said draw a pentagram on a piece on paper and sit on it to get more strength. I modefied that to make it more powerfull.
This spell is to allow yourself to be temporarily stronger than you currently are.
A spell from my own personal collection. This spell is to strengthen the love you have with someone before a life-changing event (such as a wedding/handfasting). It is best performed on a new moon.
A spell to make your love life more passionate and more lovey dovey.
An acupressure excercise used by psychics and hypnotists to strengthen the Third Eye.
This spell is similar to my healing spell as far as process go but the words are very different and it has the purpose of strengthening boards and doors and stairs etc.
Be careful while removal it might back fire if the curse is strong
Get stronger energy and more possibly even get stronger yourself.
This spell can summon any spirit, even people that don't exist!
Do this spell before illusion, shadow, and summoning spells as well as all black magic to boost your power.
Try it and see for yourself if this will give you strength from the sun.
This is a dragonball z spell to become a super saiyan god
A simple spell to evoke a dragon's soul for an hour or two.
Use this to increase your strength temporarily.
Not powerful enough to cast a quick growth spell, a life spell, etc? Well, cast this spell before you attempt one and youll be much stronger.
If you are a smoker and want to quit, or a heavy drinker who knows that you have to cut down, or are a bit overweight but find it impossible to stick to a diet, this spell should help.
A magic spell to enhance power
Summon the Power of the Four Gods
To restore what was once lost.
Hopefully when you are all finished up with the spell and the candles have all burnt out. Your mind and body should feel jump started and refreshed.
Turn into a werewolf.
A ancient spell from a dead Voodoo Priest I know.
This spell turns you into a tiger. This spell doesn't belong to me. It's from TwilghtFan1122 on YouTube, so this goes to them.
The title is very straightforward, so you shouldn't have any trouble figuring out what this spell is used for.
This will clear your mind, preparing you for spell work or rituals. The stones do not necessarily have to be exact.
This wil make you hear more, you can locate someone in your house.
This is a special tonic that temporarily converts your energy to holy energy for a duration of one hour. It's for use in holy magic, and holy body magic.

future spells I'll post will call for the consumption of this tonic.
This is the struggles some of you probably have with casting spells. Here are the problems and tips to fix it
This spell will strengthen your fist.
Make anyone trip
This spell will make you one of the strongest/fastest and etc werewolves. It all depends one your belief. It may and may not work otherwise.
Tap into the power of an animal.
A spell to become a vampire.
this will make you a vampire i have tried it and it works so if you do not get it the first time keep trying
Really works I tried it.
This will allow you to shift into a wolf. You will always shift on full moons, and when you want (after 5 shifts).
Must Memorize! (full wolf, not lycan)
Become a werewolf.
Able to give you a special wolf companion that is able to possess you and you can control what happens! I have tried this and am in the process. Email me on gmail if you get the results.
A werewolf spell that works for a week.
I reposted this cause the last didn't show up
This spell will strengthen your will and resolve.
Control wind without a spell.
As requested by an email. I made this spell specially!
If you wish to grow more knowledge than the white hairs on your chest this spell works wonders.
Wisdom is a gift. This spell will increase your wisdom.
This is a spell that turns you into a alpha wolf.
So you and your new pack will be like wolfs like from twilight.
This spell will NOT make you able to shift, but it will give you super strength, smell, force etc.
This is to call upon the spirit of the wolf for protection.
This will give you a wolf spirit ask him or her for something then he or she will do something.
this is a spell to turn to a wolf but i don't know if it works so mail me if don't work
Makes your workout more worth while as in terms of results.
This is more of a technique than a spell. It is used to replenish your life force by depleting another's. I dont recommend using this is excess, if at all.
Iadians are the race responsible for the creation of the universe. And now, you can have a baby of this race.

*no intercourse required!
this spell will help you to have more confidence
there is side affects dizzynes and sometimes claping a lot
Charging drinks with energy for later use. I do this all the time, and it works.
(i dont know what summary is because im a derpy idiot noob XD lol)
this will make your punch stronger

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