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Magical Knights
Here in Magical Knights we discuss any and all areas of magic of interest to our members. Some of the many areas that we discuss include the basics of magic, binding/sealing, crystals, divination tools, energy manipulation, Ceremonial Magick, Druidry, meditation, mythology, relaxation techniques, grounding and centering, seals, sigils, wards/shields, Wicca, Witchcraft and much more. All magical topics are open to discussion as members desire.
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Welcome to Magical Knights.

Magical Knights is a coven that welcomes practitioners of any magical path. We strive to make everyone feel comfortable and think of the coven as an extension of their family. We will discuss a variety of magical practices here. Divining, herbalism, crystals and stones, geomancy, astrology, witchcraft, Wicca - all of these topics are welcome here. However, we do not appreciate role players or trolls.

Think of it this way, if you have questions, we may well have answers here.

All that we ask of our members is that they treat each other with respect and that they are willing to actively share what they know with the other members of the coven.

Member and Council Rules

1. Respect: Above all else we value respect and honesty within this coven. We ask that you're honest and respectful to yourself and to others. Be civil and act in a mature manner.

2. No trolling

3. No typing in capital letters.

4. No text talk in the forums or in the chatter

5. No role-playing in the forums or in the chatter

6. No posting of personal information in the chatter or the coven forums

7. You must cite all information that is not your own work. Failure to do so will result in a warning and a deletion of your post for the first offense. If it occurs again your post will be removed and you will be removed from the coven.

8.Be active enough to stay in the coven. If you do not log on at all for thirty days and do not inform anyone about your upcoming absence beforehand, you will be removed from the coven. In addition, we expect our members to contribute regularly. At least one post each month is required to stay in the coven.

9. Gagging incurs immediate removal.

Coven Application

To apply, just mail the Priestess of the coven. We will go through them as we receive the mails and will accept or reject you. If you are accepted, the Priestess will mail you back with a welcome and the rules.

  1. Years of practice/study:
  2. What you know already:
  3. What you wish to learn:
  4. If you are willing to teach, what would it be:
  5. Age: (This is only due to the nature of the coven. If you are mature with the topics discussed, you will be fine regardless of age)
  6. What are your past accounts, if you ever had any:
  7. What other covens are you apart of and were apart of:

Note: Lying on your application is just cause for removal.

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