Shadows of Solitary Witches

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Shadows of Solitary Witches
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Shadows of Solitary Witches is a coven for traditional witchcraft, folklore, cunning arts, and practical magic.

Priestess :Andlat
Priest :LadyScarlet
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Members :2
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Shadows of Solitary Witches

Who are we?

Shadows of Solitary Witches is a coven for traditional witchcraft, folklore, cunning arts and practical magick. Our members are solitary practitioners, each following their own path, who come together as a family.

What do we offer?

At Shadows of Solitary Witches we give our members freedom to explore their own paths and interests. We encourage them to keep learning and practicing in a comfortable, safe environment. We give our members the opportunities to question, discuss or debate anything relating to witchcraft. We have fun activities such as coven games, rituals and quizzes. We ensure knowledge is obtained in a fun, sophisticated manner. We learn from one another, and develop our spiritual paths.

What do we expect?

Here, at Shadows of Solitary Witches we merely ask that our members:

  • Follow and adhere to all the coven and site rules!
  • Respect each other and act in a mature, civilized manner.
  • Be active within the coven and participate regularly.
  • All members have to participate in our Withcraft Study Groups!

How to apply to become a member?


  1. Ensure you have a bio and profile picture on your profile
  2. Send the priestess a mail with the relevant information!
  3. Click the apply option at the top of the page

Relevant Information needed:

  1. Age;
  2. Your practices and studies;
  3. Years of study/practice;
  4. What you wish to learn;
  5. Why you wish to join the coven;
  6. How active you are going to be in the coven;
  7. If you have other or past accounts, please name them;
  8. If you have been in a coven before, the coven's name, and reason for leaving or being removed.

Any member found lying or being dishonest, will be removed from the coven immediately!!

If you apply to the coven, but you do not send the priestess a mail with the information required, you will NOT be accepted...

Note: If you are accepted, you will receive a mail from the priestess, as well as the rules. If you haven't received a mail within one week, your application has sadly been denied.

We are currently accepting any new members! :)

Sister Covens:

*Magical Knights*

~ Priestess: Lark

*Acquaintance with Darkness*

~Priest: Naught

~Priestess: ZetaStorm

All members must treat the members of our sister coven with the utmost of respect, as they are extended family :D

High Priestess :
High Priest :
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