The Seven Doves

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The Seven Doves
The Seven Doves Coven is a great resource for everyone who is willing to learn and help others learn about all types and kinds of magick.
Priestess :xAnnax
Priest :_RavinWolf_
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Members :2
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The 'dove' symbolizes many things including peace, devotion, purity, and resurrection. All very powerful and confident symbols. This being, we have a new symbol, the 'Raven', which does not symbolize an ill omen, death or other gruesome turns of thought as people often suspect. Instead, the raven symbolizes intelligence. These birds can be trained to even speak, this speaking ability leads into the legend of ravens being the ultimate oracle. The raven is also a symbol of the 'mind', thought, and wisdom as a protector, a teacher, and a bringer of great magick.
Our members should reflect these traits. We do not feel like it's right for us to be limited down to just "white" or "black" magic. We accept all walks of life no matter who you may be.

The Seven Doves is a group of people dedicated to education and furthering their knowledge of any magickal subject. I (_Ravinwolf_) have made slight changes to the coven for the better. I do however encourage you to practice any type of Magic you feel comfortable with. We are not just limited to what one considers white magick. The dove has been a symbol of peace and will reflect what we try to accomplish in this coven; and a new symbol, the 'raven' is a symbol for intelligence and studying magic mindfully and diligently. The Priest and Priestess are here to help any member of the group out. So if you have any questions, concerns, or curiosities we will be more then happy to give you answers or guidance. We are certainly willing to help find out those answers if we do not know ourselves.

The Seven Doves Coven Focuses On:
Dark Aspects
Energy Manipulation
Plant Magic
Enchanting and Enchantment
Element Magic
Working with Spirits and Entities
Life Magic

And the list goes on...
As mentioned above we do not discriminate on your magical paths or Religious Creeds. All are welcomed here.
No religion or beliefs are above another.

~ Joining Our Coven ~
To join our coven you must have at least a profile picture and short person bio.
Without either you will not be accepted into our coven.

~ Rules ~
1. Respect everyone and treat them how you want to be treated

2. No swearing, abusive language, and no sexist or racist remarks.

3. Please follow all words of the council, Priest, and Priestess. If you feel its unfair or wrong please mail Irate (one of the councilors).

4. Please keep the coven spell book within the coven. Do not share any of our spells with anyone that's not already a member of The Seven Doves.

If you have read all that's in the agreement above, the coven of The Seven Doves now accepts your membership.

Blessings for all our members from Priest _Ravinwolf_ and Priestess xAnnax.

High Priestess :
High Priest :
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