The Seven Doves

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The Seven Doves
The Seven Doves believes that, Proper magick is in the heart of the caster, not in the eyes of the masses. You should practice what you wish, and think not of other's opinions, for your practice is yours. We welcome persons of all beliefs and practices, and hope that they can find a home here.
Priestess :MinervaJane
Priest :Cailleach
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Members :23
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Hello and Welcome,

Welcome to The Seven Doves . We are serious and dedicated practitioners who as a whole believe in unity, knowledge, honor, and balance. With each day, we seek to better ourselves as well as the world in which we live in. We are a coven of growing and learning practitioners. We understand that while one person may be more advanced in one area, another may know little in the same field and understand another strongly. We welcome diversity and embrace knowledge from all areas.

It is said that the dove represents love, peace, spirituality, unity and purity along with many other traits. With each hour, day, week, month we seek to better ourselves in an open understanding of all things be they magical or otherwise.

Here at The Seven Doves we strive to create a family environment where everyone is comfortable with sharing their knowledge and experiences. We have people who come from all over the world. We embrace their beliefs, thoughts, and knowledge. We lend an open hand to those who look to share, exchanged and learn.

Due to our family members being from all over the globe, we have very diverse beliefs and paths. We offer a plethora of different information be it on Voodoo, Wicca, Celtic or basic Witchcraft. We are accepting of all belief's and religions. We invite you to check us out.

Our Coven Mission:

Our mission is to guide and share information with all people in hopes that we can better ourselves and the world we live in.

Our Coven Motto:

"The journey to knowledge never ends."

Subjects we Discus and/or Teach:

Due to having people who walk many different paths and believe in many different things, we can offer a large diverse variety of information. Such as:

  • Astrology
  • Astral Projection
  • Ceremonial Magic
  • Crystal Magic
  • Chakras
  • Divination
  • Energy working
  • General Spell casting and wand working
  • Healing
  • Herbalism
  • Healing (many forms)
  • Mythology
  • Necromancy
  • Norse heathenism
  • Remote Viewing
  • Spiritual work
  • Third eye meditations
  • Witch craft
  • And many more

How to join:

Firstly we do have a couple of requirements to be fulfilled before you can be considered to join.

Please have a proper written biography. Chain letters, lyrics, and other space fillers are not a proper biography.

Please have a profile picture. Don't worry it does not need to be of you.


Please fill out this application in full sentences. (Text speak will not be accepted) Send the completed application to both the Priestess and Priest. MinervaJane and Cailleach respectively.

Please note: If you do not fill out the below application you will not be accepted.

  1. How old are you?
  2. What do you practice?
  3. What are your belief's?
  4. How active can you be on a weekly basis?
  5. Are you able to share information on any specific topics? If so, what?
  6. Do you have any other accounts, both past and previous, we should be aware of? If so, what are/were they?
  7. Why did you choose to apply to this coven?

We looked forward to reading your applications. You will be made aware of our decision with in 48 hours . If you have any questions pertaining to your application, please message MinervaJane or Cailleach.

If you have any other concerns pertaining to the coven, please feel free to message either leader of any council member. We will reply as soon as we can.

MinervaJane and Cailleach.

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