The Seven Doves

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The Seven Doves
The Seven Doves believes that, Proper magick is in the heart of the caster, not in the eyes of the masses. You should practice what you wish, and think not of other's opinions, for your practice is yours. We welcome persons of all beliefs and practices, and hope that they can find a home here.
Priestess :MinervaJane
Priest :FenixFawkes
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The Seven Doves is under new leadership and rebuilding itself! We welcome new members and can't wait to have you join our family!

The Seven Doves, is a coven that welcomes any and every one, no matter what their practice or belief, as we stand by the statement, Proper magick is in the heart of the caster, not in the eyes of the masses. You should practice what you wish, and think not of other's opinions, for your practice is yours. Our symbol, the dove is not only a symbol of oneness with the divine, but a symbol of wholeness within one's self. It is a perfect symbol for the magickal practitioner that knows what they want in their craft.

We hope that our members will stand by the coven motto, and accept persons of all paths. As a coven, we do not feel like it is right for us to be limited down to just "white" or "black" magic. We accept all walks of life no matter who you may be.

The Seven Doves is a group of people dedicated to education and furthering their knowledge of any magickal subject. Members are encouraged to practice whatever type of magick they wish. We should not limit ourselves to what other people may consider white magick. The dove has been a symbol of peace and will reflect what we try to accomplish in this coven.

Should you have any questions please message the Priestess, (MinervaJane).

The Seven Doves Coven Focuses On:




Dark Aspects

Energy Manipulation


Enchanting and Enchantment

Element Magic

Working with Spirits and Entities

And the list goes on.

Although these are the primary topics The Seven Doves focuses on, we do not discriminate against anyone for their beliefs.

Joining Our Coven:

To join our coven you must be at least 16, have a profile picture of some kind, and at least a short bio with a bit about you. As well as filling out the questionnaire below and sending it to the Priestess, MinervaJane. Please note: members previously removed from the coven may Re-Apply, by going through the same process.

1. What is your current age?

2. What do you practice?

3. What led you to this practice?

4. How long have you been practicing?

5. What are you interested in learning?

6. Do you know if you have any special gifts? If so please list them.

7. How active can you be?

8. Are you known by any other names within the magick community? If so please list them.

9. What subjects are you most knowledgeable about?

10. Is there anything else you wish to add?

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