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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Re: Godess Isis Spell
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by: Sorcerer06 on Aug 11, 2011

This spell has been going around the internet for quite some time. I recently got into magic a couple months ago and a friend presented this spell to me:

"You should only do this spell if you want one of the partners in the couple to return to you. Mother Isis will not break up a marriage for spite - only for love. Also, don?t do this spell unless you? are willing to dedicate a few minutes of your time each and every month. No excuses. Don?t expect the gods to help you if you won?t help yourself. With that said, here?s the spell:

On the night of a full moon, get a chicken heart, which you can buy in grocery stores. You don?t have to kill a chicken yourself (though you can if you want).

On a piece of paper, draw two stick figures - one of the man and one of the woman you want to break up. Write their full names under each figure. Then take some scissors and cut them apart,

Carry the two stick figure papers outside with you and dig a hole in the ground big enough to hold the chicken heart. Next, place the chicken heart in the hole and look at the moon. Take the stick figure of the person you love and hold it next to your heart and take the other stick figure and light it with a match while saying:

The one I burn go away, go away (person?s full name ).
The one I don?t burn I hold next to my heart.
Stay with me (person?s full name) till death do us part .
Oh, Mother Isis, grant me my wish for my soul mate and me.
After you make your wish, cover the chicken heart with the dirt and say:

Thank you, Mother Isis, my name is ( your full name ).
Thank you for granting my wish.

Then go inside and put your love?s stick figure paper into a white envelope and store it in a wooden box. You must keep the box of stick figure papers for as long as you do the spell even after you have the man or woman you want. If you ever decide that you don?t want your lover anymore, stop doing the spell and burn all the papers you have.

If the couple is not married, it shouldn?t take more than a couple of months before you see results. If the couple is married, it depends on exactly how happily married they are, but it will work eventually as long as you keep doing the spell every month on the full moon.

The only catch to this spell is that even after you have the man or woman you want, you still have to keep doing the spell. For every month you forget to renew the spell , they will think more and more about going back to their former lover, so don?t ever forget."

We both had an interesting topic regarding the spell, and it did raise a few questions:

Would you still have to keep doing this even after the person you kept away using the spell has passed on? I mean if you forget to cast the spell once month and your lover starts thinking about returning to his/her ex, what would he/she think about going to if her/his ex passed on? Can the person who casted the spell stop worrying about casting it monthly?

Will a strong love binding spell prevent the lover in question from experiencing the side effects of forgetting to cast the spell?

Can this spell be used in combination with other spells to maximize/negate certain effects of the spell?

These were the questions I thought about when this spell was presented to me. I hope you can help. I'm fairly new to magic and I figure you guys can better help me with this.


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