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Forums -> General Info -> Re: Energy semantics
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by: pureindigo on Dec 09, 2010

Okay i thought i needed to write this thread to help clarify energy terms as much as possible, i have been seeing too many confusion over terms which are all under one house hold.

[b]Newbie's Confusion Syndrome[/b]

No its not a disease lol but rather the effect that happens when people get caught up in semantics and confuse themselves and pass this on to new people in the craft. Thus resulting in mass confusion.

[b]General question[/b]

How do i control my chi?

Before a person we answer the question asked people will bombard the person with terms such as, psi, ki, chi or qi, prana, the ''teacher'' fails to realize the actuality of these terms.

[b]Explanation on energy[/b]

Chi or qi is literally translated as energy flow or air which unties with prana translated similarly in near terms.

Going more in depth we should understand that chi/prana is life-force energy, which we breathe and it flows through our chakras which is converted into specific purposes.

so by now we grasp that no matter what the name, all is the same. I have many misconceptions, here are a few i shall mention.

1) The solar plexus chakra generates chi, while the brow chakra generates mental energy.

This is not so, all chakras produce the same energy which they receive from the cosmos (the chakras are actually energy receptors) but they process them in different ways to support different functions in the body.

The solar chakra, is responsible for storing and generating of physical energy, it is our internal sun just like the earth has a sun, a place of radiant energy. The solar chakra also acts as defense to the body as in producing fire energy in the body which fights off infection and produce heat in the body and regulate certain organs.

the brow chakra which is located in pineal gland area, is responsible for our inner sight and spiritual vision, it can have an effect to show us marvelous things to those who are ready to receive it.

2) If i don't meditate all my chi will leave my body.

No, your chi will NOT leave your body unless you are doing energy work , being drained by another. If at any point god forbid that ever happened you would be dead, Prana, which we breathe keeps us alive remember it is the lifefoce energy.

psi, ki, chi, prana, what ever you call it is the same thing,

psi- Is a western based term that people here use for their own personal edification.

ki- ki is life force in japanese, it literally translates into wood, wood is sub element of earth, and is the only ''living'' element and contains the most life force out of all. earth is living, the trees and the very earth you live on is an organism, she has a heart bean solo.

Prana- Sanskrit based which means life force,pranayama was its specified term as to the ''breath''

in all things just remember they are all the same.


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