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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Re: Pot. uses of Ogham
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by: changedcynic on Jun 22, 2012

I have always loved playing around with ancient alphabets because some of the letters of these amulets have meanings attributed to them which I believe lend themselves beautifully to spell casting and the making of charms. I have recently found a chart of potential uses of Ogham letters that I made years ago. Ogham is an inferior language for spellwork than futhark in terms of the power of the magic, but spells produced by ogham are less finicky and can last for much longer. Some of the meanings I use may be wrong in you opinion and I would be interested in hearing your thoughts. These are only made from my experiences

*I am aware that like elder futhark ogham is mainly used for divination

**I can not reproce the letters on this forum so I will have to resort to badly magling the spelled names

***peith is a very modern addition to the ogham alphabet which I have yet to find a use for

ailm - insert into a series to change the nature of magic to suit your purposes

onn - act as a filter for purification

ur - for healing

edad - to sheild and resist

idad - enhance powers (really useful it stays in a room you use for rituals for years and increases the power of spells you do inside it. Just draw it using saliva in certain points around your room)

bad - protect from dark forces, such as demons (this is mostly from how I feel when I carry the symbol around. I've never had to use it for this purpose)

ir - blessings and inspiration

uillen - is useful for glamours and hiding things(it is a kind of sweet symbol that makes people overlook things they shouldn't see or not mind what they do see)

ifn - clear thoughts, to preserve objects

eamhanchool - a symbol I have stupidly not invested in, it absorbs magical attacks and purifies areas of bad influences

beith - good for renewal, can imbue people with feelings of youth for a short time

luis - protection during travel, also deals with matters involving spirit guides and familiars

fern - imbues people with endurance strength and passion. Can also be used to hold evil spirits in place

sail - can be used to improve your divinatory skills or cause depression and sadness. It also improves eloquence

nion - to improve or affect focus and wisdom

uath - this is a negative symbol of sorts that imposes consequences or represents contradictions

dair - for strength, stability, and new doors

tinne - good symbol for inducing sleep,but oddly enough it can also produce action and assertions

coll - good for honesty, objectivity, and a mastery of self

ceirt - to help with good choices, love, and healing in ways associated with the other two aspects

muin - to help in lies and ruses(in this aspect it has proven very helpful with surprise birthday parties, and dealign with friends who can't keep their mouths shut), love and esteem from others, and dealing with matters of death

gort - transformation in career and education

ngadal - one of its meanings is killing, and I use it to "kill" chaos to bring order or to purify. It goes a bit against entropy if used in this way so it can require a lot of energy

straif - brings people out of trials and tribulations and can be used for offensive magic

ruis - the destruction of old cycles or more ominously to spark "the beginning of the end" for something (please use this letter responibly)

I hope that this was helpful to write the letters look up ogham on omni glot. You may wish to bring the symbols together a la bindrune or you may write it out as series its your choice. The symbols have a cleaner, weaker magic that lasts long term so if you need to pull out the bifg guns use elder futhark but this magic can cause create changes and effects over periods of years.

Hope this was helpful,

changed cynic


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