Protected Life Pentacle Amulet

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Protected Life Pentacle Amulet
Protected Life Pentacle Amulet

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Representing the Five Elements necessary for life encased in a protective circle. This 1" Pewter Amulet will aid in protection by enhancing the shielding and other protective magic cast about the wearer. Comes with a cord. The center stone varies and the specific color received will be hand selected at random. Most amulets are for protection in general or for a specific purpose. They are often worn but can also be displayed. Charging the amulet can be done by leaving it in moon light particularly on the full, leaving it upon an altar with other items of significance such as crystals and other elemental representations as well as those symbols of deity, one can also charge the amulet with their own personal energy just by wearing or carrying this magical symbol.

Did you know? An Amulet protects a wearer from evil, whereas a Talisman gives the wearer power. That is how we divide our amulets and talismans in the shop. If you can not find what you are looking for in one section, try the other.

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Protected Life Pentacle Amulet Reviews:

Rated 4 out of 5 from 8 reviews.

great item
5/5 stars
Well the one i got had some strange white stuff around the center points and the jewel wasnt even centeres. My 1st one was great. This one ugh
1/5 stars