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everything u need to no

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everything u need to no
Post # 1
Magical Correspondences---k.night

Under edit and expansion. Preprint date: August 1, 1993 e.v.

Incorporating class materials prepared in 1972 e.v. by the author,
Bill Heidrick

1/11/90 e.v. XYWrite key entry. 8/1/93 e.v. ASCII CONVERSION
by Bill Heidrick, T.G. of O.T.O.

Copyright (c) 1972 and 1990 by Bill Heidrick

P.O.Box 430
Fairfax, CA 94978

(415) 454-5176 ---- Messages only.

NB: As this is a work in progress, ASCII conversion is a bit crude. Hebrew spelling order has been
reversed to follow English direction, but final letters have not been differentiated. In particular, it is
unfortunate that the Mapiq Heh that ends Tetragrammaton is not indicated here. This can lead to
some confusion with the elements Water and Earth in analysis below, especially for the twelve
Footnotes from the original text have been raised into position of citation, if in text, and otherwise
collected at the bottom of tables. These are signaled by double angle brackets in text and by normal
numbering after tables.




(The Roman numerals at some column heads refer to Crowley's "Liber 777")

Key Hebrew Hebrew Names for English Pronun. English Transl.
Scale: Letters: Numbers and Letters: of col. II: of Col. II:

0 - AYN Ain Nothing
0 - AYN SVP Ain Soph Without Limit
0 - AYN SVP AVR Ain Soph Aur Limitless Light
1 - KThR Keter Crown
2 - ChKMH Chokmah Wisdom
3 - BYNH Binah Understanding
4 - ChSD Chesed Mercy
5 - GBVRH Geburah Severity
6 - ThPARTh Tipheret Beauty
7 - NTzCh Netzach Endurance to
8 - HVD Hod Splendour
9 - YSVD Yesod Foundation
10 - MLKVTh Malkut Kingdom
11 HB:A ALP Aleph Ox
12 HB:B BYTh Bet House
13 HB:G GML Gimmel Camel
14 HB:D DLTh Dalet Door
15 HB:H HH Heh Window
16 HB:V VV Vau or Wow Nail
17 HB:Z ZYN Zain Sword
18 HB:Ch ChYTh Chet Fence
19 HB:T TYTh Tet Serpent
20 HB:Y YVD Yod Hand
(open from back)
21 HB:K KP Kaph Hand (closed or
from palmer side)
22 HB:L LMD Lamed Ox Goad
23 HB:M MYM Mem Water
24 HB:N NVN Nun Fish
25 HB:S SMK Samekh Prop
26 HB:a'a a'aYN Ayin Eye
27 HB:P PH Peh Mouth
28 HB:Tz TzDY Tzaddi Fish Hook
29 HB:Q QVP Qof Back of Head
30 HB:R RYSh Resh Head
31 HB:Sh ShYN Shin Tooth
32 HB:Th ThVTh Taw Cross or Mark
32bis " " " " " "
31bis HB:Sh ShYN Shin Tooth


Key Scale: Relates these correspondences to the "Tree of Life" pattern.
The 32 divisions below "0" are often called "Thirty-Two
Divine Emanations". Sometimes, as in the table just above,
these key numbers are offset to right or left. Offset to
the left indicates "Mother Letters" and a correspondence to
elements. Offset to the right indicates "Single Letters"
and a correspondence to the signs of the Zodiac. Centered
key numbers represent the rest, including the "Double
Letters", Sephiroth, and often also planets.
Hebrew Letters: Where two are given, the one on the left is the usual
form; and the one on the right is used at the ends of
words ("final" letters). The approximate English
equivalent will usually match the initial letter in the
English pronunciation of the Hebrew letter name --- see
below for exceptions and more help with this.
Hebrew Names: Hebrew reads from right to left. English reads from
left to right. Some of the letter names have several
Hebrew spellings: e.g. HB:H can be HB:HH or HB:HA.
English Pronunciation: How to say Column II. English spelling of Hebrew
differs very much with different methods of
transliteration and phonetic representation.
These entries are intended to help the reader
pronounce the Hebrew and to identify the English
representations of these words in the text below.
For example, HB:KThR may be represented in English by
different authors for different purposes in the
following ways:
1 to show the spelling in Hebrew: KThR
2. to indicate Sephardic pronunciation: Keter
3. to indicate Ashkenazic pronunciation: Keser
4. compromise between sound and spelling:
Kether, Cather, ...
An effort will be made in this presentation to
keep the English representations of these Hebrew
words relatively uniform, but some variation will
appear below. It is important to learn how to
recognize English representations of foreign
words by context, since there is no fixed
spelling in use by all authors. If the student
becomes too accustomed to one usage, other books
on the subject will be closed to study.
English Translation: What the Hebrew in Column II means in English.


Key Hebrew Number Value Modern Tarot Trumps and Trump Numbers
Scale: Letters: of Letters: (with some sequence variations):

11 HB:A 1 0. The Fool
12 HB:B 2 1. The Magician
13 HB:G 3 2. The High Priestess
14 HB:D 4 3. The Empress
15 HB:H 5 4. The Emperor (or 17. The Star)
16 HB:V 6 5. The Hierophant
17 HB:Z 7 6. The Lovers
18 HB:Ch 8 7. The Chariot
19 HB:T 9 8. Strength (or 11. Strength)
20 HB:Y 10 9. The Hermit
21 HB:K 20 or 500 10. The Wheel of Fortune
22 HB:L 30 11. Justice (or 8. Justice)
23 HB:M 40 or 600 12. The Hanged Man
24 HB:N 50 or 700 13. Death
25 HB:S 60 14. Temperance
26 HB:a'a 70 15. The Devil
27 HB:P 80 or 800 16. The Tower
28 HB:Tz 90 or 900 17. The Star (or 4. The Emperor)
29 HB:Q 100 18. The Moon
30 HB:R 200 19. The Sun
31 HB:Sh 300 20. Judgment
32 HB:Th 400 21. The World

In reckoning the correspondences between Hebrew Letters and Tarot, there are several points to
remember. The dominant correspondences are to the Hebrew Letters, and changes in Tarot
attribution do not effect other correspondences to the Letters. Tarot Trump titles vary in different
styles of decks, but most can readily be identified. The numbers of the Justice and Strength Trumps
were reversed by the Golden Dawn authors to make a better fit to the Hebrew. Older decks show
Justice as 8 and Strength as 11. This reversal does not effect the correspondence of Lamed for Justice
and Tet for Strength. Aleister Crowley came to advocate switching The Star and The Emperor
Trumps, and that switch does effect the correspondences of the those Trumps. Switching Star and
Emperor does not effect the correspondences to the Hebrew Letters Heh and Tzaddi beyond the
Trumps themselves. Thus: Heh---Aries---Emperor, or Heh---Aries---Star, but never Heh---Aquarius--
-Star. There are other systems of attribution between Tarot and Hebrew. The system used here is that
introduced the Order of the Golden Dawn.


Key Astrology: Hebrew term used English pronunciation
Scale: for items in CLXXVII: of VI:

1 Primum Mobile RAShYTh HGLGLYM Rashit Ha-Galgalim
2 Zodiac MSLVTh Maslot
3 Saturn ShBThAY Shabbatai
4 Jupiter TzDQ Tzedeq
5 Mars MADYM Madim
6 Sun ShMSh Schemesh
7 Venus NVGH or NGCh Nogah
8 Mercury KVKB Kokab
9 Moon LBNH Lebanah
10 Earth a'aVLM YSVDVTh Olam Yesodot
11 Air RVCh Ruach
12 Mercury KVKB Kokab
13 Moon LBNH Lebanah
14 Venus NVGH or NGCh Nogah
15 Aries TLH Tale
16 Taurus ShVR Sur
17 Gemini ThAVMYM Tomaim
18 Cancer SRTN Soratan
19 Leo ARYH Ari
20 Virgo BThVLH Betula
21 Jupiter TzDQ Tzedeq
22 Libra MAZNYM Mozenim
23 Water MYM Mem
24 Scorpio a'aQRB Akrab
25 Sagittarius QShTh Keshit
26 Capricorn GDY Gedi
27 Mars MADYM Madim
28 Aquarius DLY Doli
29 Pisces DGYM Dagim
30 Sun ShMSh Schemesh
31 Fire ASh Fire
32 Saturn ShBThAY Shabbatai
32bis Earth ARTz Aretz


Items matching Key scale 1-10 refer to the Sephiroth (singular: Sephira), the ten numbers created in
the beginning. Items under Key scale 11-32 refer to the twenty-two "paths" which link the Sephiroth
together. Thus 1-10 forms one system and 11-32 another. This explains the double association of the
planets to 1-10 as well as 11-32.



Tetragrammaton --- the four-fold name

Basic example: HB:YHVH, pronounced: "Jehovah"
This is the most common name for God used in the Hebrew
Torah, or "Old Testament". Its genuine pronunciation is
unknown, but the pronunciations "Jehovah" and "Yahweh"
are most often used.
Other examples: HB:ADNY, "Adonai", in English: "Lord".
HB:AHYH, "Eheieh".
HB:AGLA, "Agla", short for the Hebrew words:
"Ateh Gebor Le-olahm Adonai",
"Thou art mighty for ever, O'h Lord!"
More examples exist, and others will be discussed below. The Tetragrammatic names are compared
to the elements and directions:

Key LIV. LV. LVII. (from R's "Golden Dawn")
Scale: YHVH: Elements: Wind Directions: Kerubic Directions:

31 HB:Y Fire South East Leo
23 HB:H Water West North Scorpio
11 HB:V Air East West Aquarius
32bis HB:H Earth North South Taurus

LIV. LIX. LVII & LV. English Aprox. English
YHVH Archangels Wind-Element Pronunciation Translation
of the Quarters: Directions: of LIX: of LIX:

HB:Y HB:MYKAL South Fire Michael Like God
HB:H HB:GBRYAL West Water Gabriel Mighty One of God
HB:V HB:RPAL East Air Raphael Healing of God
HB:H HB:AVRYAL North Earth Uriel Light of God

The Archangels of the Quarters represent the workings of nature personified as the four ancient
"elements", proceeding from the four directions on the winds most resembling those elements.
Different prevailing winds require a reconsideration of this correspondence, and other systems of
attribution exist. For Western Europe, Palestine, California and most regions in the Northern
Hemisphere with a large body of water to the West, these allocations tend to apply.

North Wind ---------- cold and dry --------- Earth
South Wind ---------- warm and dry --------- Fire
West Wind ----------- cold and wet --------- Water
East Wind ----------- warm and wet --------- Air

LIV. The Four LXIII. Approx. English
HB:YHVH: Worlds: English Pronun.: Meanings:

HB:Y HB:ATzYLVTh Atzilut Emanation, Archetype, most noble
HB:H HB:BRYAH Briah Creation, Intellect
HB:V HB:YTzYThH Yetzirah Formative, Moral.
HB:H HB:a'aShYH Assiah Action, Substance, Matter

The four worlds are a basic subdivision of creation into four stages or levels. They may be
considered to be levels of abstraction (going from matter to spirit) or of condensation (from spirit to



Key King Scale Color Queen Scale Color
Scale: (Atzilut in Assiah): (Briah in Assiah):

1 Brilliance White Brilliance
2 Pure Soft Blue Gray
3 Crimson Black
4 Deep Violet Blue
5 Orange Scarlet Red
6 Clear Pink Rose Yellow (Gold)
7 Amber Emerald
8 Violet Purple Orange
9 Indigo Violet
10 Yellow Citrine, Olive, Russet & Black
11 Bright Pale Yellow Sky Blue
12 Yellow Purple
13 Blue Silver
14 Emerald Green Sky Blue
15 Scarlet Red
16 Red Orange Deep Indigo
17 Orange Pale Mauve
18 Amber Maroon
19 Yellow Deep Purple
20 Greenish Yellow Slate Gray
21 Violet Blue
22 Emerald Green Blue
23 Deep Blue Sea Green
24 Green Blue Dull Brown
25 Blue Yellow
26 Indigo Black
27 Scarlet Red
28 Violet Sky Blue
29 Crimson Buff, flecked Silver-White
30 Orange Gold Yellow
31 Glowing Orange Scarlet Vermilion
32 Indigo Black
32bis Citrine, Olive, Russet Amber
and Black
31bis White merging into Gray Deep Purple, nearly Black

The remaining two color scales follow below.
These color scales properly belong to Assiah, since they relate directly to the physical senses. The
King Scale represents that Part of Assiah most like Atzilut. The Queen Scale represents that part of
Assiah most like Briah; etc.
The colors 1-10 of the Queen Scale are frequently used to color the Sephiroth 1-10 on the Tree of
Life. Colors 11-32 of the King Scale are commonly used to color the paths 11-32 on the same figure.
The King and Queen color Scales are partly obtained by color mixing and spectra patterns.

PAGES 10-11

Key Emperor Scale Color Empress Scale Color
Scale: (Yetzirah in Assiah): (Assian in Assiah):

1 White Brilliance White, flecked Gold
2 Blue Pearl Gray like White, flecked Red, Blue and Yellow
Mother of Pearl
3 Dark Brown Gray, flecked Pink
4 Deep Purple Deep Azure, flecked Yellow
5 Bright Scarlet Red, flecked Black
6 Rich Salmon Gold Amber
7 Bright Yellow Green Olive, flecked Gold
8 Red-Russet Yellowish Brown, flecked White
9 Very Dark Purple Citrine, flecked Azure
10 Citrine, Olive, Russet & Black rayed with Yellow
Black, all flecked Gold
11 Blue Emerald Green Emerald, flecked Gold
12 Gray Indigo, rayed Violet
13 Cold Pale Blue Silver, rayed Sky blue
14 Early Spring Green Bright Rose, rayed Pale Green
15 Brilliant Flame Glowing Red
16 Deep Warm Olive Rich Brown
17 New Yellow Leather Reddish Gray inclined to Mauve
18 Rich Bright Russet Dark Greenish Brown
19 Gray Reddish Amber
20 Green Gray Plum Color
21 Rich Purple Bright Blue, rayed Yellow
22 Deep Blue-Green Pale Green
23 Deep Olive-Green White, flecked Purple, like Mother
of Pearl
24 Very Dark Brown Livid Indigo Brown like a Black Beetle.
25 Green Dark Vivid Blue
26 Blue Black Cold Dark Gray approaching Black
27 Venetian Red Bright Red, rayed Emerald
28 Bluish Mauve White, tinged Purple
29 Light Translucent Stone Color
Pinkish Brown
30 Rich Amber Amber, rayed Red
31 Scarlet, flecked Gold Vermilion, flecked Crimson & Emerald
32 Blue Black Black, rayed Blue
32bis Dark Brown Black, flecked Yellow
31bis The 7 prismatic colors, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Black
the Violet being outside the latter outside

The Emperor Scale is, for the most part, composed by mixing corresponding colors on the King and
Queen Scales (e.g.: #12. Yellow and Purple = Gray)
Both Emperor and Empress Scales are much less commonly used than King and Queen Scales.

PAGES 12-14

There are several ways of expanding 4 into 5:
A. Consider four separate things: FireWaterAirEarth. These things taken together are one set of four.
Thus there are 4 + 1 = 5. Four parts which unite into one whole. In the Tetragrammaton, and
additional letter may be added to represent the unity of the other four. When this is done, we have
HB:YHShVH in place of HB:YHVH. Accordingly, the letters: "HB:Y", "HB:H", "HB:V" and "HB:H"
are said to be "ruled" or vitalized by the letter "HB:Sh". Because the four original letters represent the
elements of fire, water, air and earth, the fifth letter "HB:Sh" is said to represent "spirit", Spirit. In
this method of going from 4 into 5, the new category, here called spirit, is clearly seen to dominate the
B. 4 may also go into 5 by simple addition. FireWaterAirEarth + Spirit ='s five equal categories.
C. 4 may go into 5 by partial unification: FireWaterAir = Spirit, therefore FireWaterAirEarth also
involves Spirit as a union of the first three elements. This can also be seen as a reduction of 4 into 2:
FireWaterAirEarth -> SpiritEarth.
D. 4 may go into 5 by interaction, thus Spirit may represent an interaction or equilibration of
FireWaterAirEarth, either as a concept of parity or of commonality or sequence or some other
E. ... etc. This analysis of the process of grouping can be continued with several variations, and
various states of being can be predicated on the different modes (Crowley's "formulas" in "Magick in
theory and Practice" are an example of this).

Here is an example of such a speculation on the passage of 4 into 5.

Jehovah ---> Jeshuah

Jeshuah is a Hebrew pronunciation of the name of the Christ of the Christians, "Jesus". The usual
spelling of this name in Hebrew is HB:YShVa'a or "Joshua", but HB:YHShVH is an acceptable
unorthodox alternative. Christian "Qabalists" and occultists generally have used this for centuries to
"prove" that Christ and the New Testament are the completion or perfection of Jehovah and the Old
Testament. Be that as it may, this word "HB:YHShVH" is the basis for attribution of the elements to
the points of the pentagram or five pointed star.

Thus a pentagram with the point uppermost is sometimes taken as a symbol of God-made-Man,
Jehovah-become-Jesus, and Man ruled by Intellect. The pentagram with point upwards therefore
signifies much the same as a cross in many old rituals. A pentagram with point downward is often
considered an "evil" sign: the elements ruling over spirit or man ruled by sexual energies unguided by
the mind. The latter bit of symbolism can easily be understood by drawing a pentagram with point
downwards and adding a "stick-figure" of a man. There is no place for the head, but there is plenty of
room for the phallus.
If the pentagram is upright, the head = mind is represented, but the figure is sexless. If the
pentagram is inverted, the figure has sex but is headless = mindless. The union of sexual and mental
levels of energy is shown in the hexagram or 6-pointed star.



In most magical rituals, mysterious names and words play an important part. These are the words
and names of power, the Gates of Power. Often these names are familiar, and possess dictionary
definitions. Sometimes these names are unknown and barbarous. Even if the formal, grammatical
meaning of a word or name is unknown, it is possible to associate a meaning by the special techniques
of the Qabalah. It is necessary to obtain a meaning for each word used in a magical ritual, if that
ritual is to achieve its purpose. There is an effect to be obtain by speaking meaningless words, but
that effect falls far short of the aim of ritual in all but the most simple of intoxicating ritual. The so-
called "speaking in tongues" is a babbling of nonsense sounds that has an intoxicating effect on the
listeners. Unless some control is present, that intoxication will be wasted or misdirected. "Speaking
in tongues" is used all over the world for its dramatic and divinatory qualities. The Ritual Magician
seems to "speak in tongues", but he has a specific meaning and intention behind every word he utters
--- even behind every sound and motion that he makes in ritual. The intoxicating effect on others may
be the same for magical ritual and for glossolalia, but that intoxication is directed in the former and
accidental in the latter. For the Magician, nothing is accidental, especially in ritual. The fully
developed Magician is trained to understand that everything that happens about him is a particular
communication between himself and the universe. The training of the Magician is largely comprised
in the building up of a magical vocabulary, language, and alphabet by which the universe may
communicate with him through any of its forms and forces. When the Magician uses this magical
communication to inform the universe of his intentions, he is working practical magick and casting
spells. When the Magician uses this magical communication to learn from the universe, he is
meditating. The many lists of "Magical Correspondences" aid in the building of a magical language,
but such correspondences are no more that language than a printed word is the thing it represents.
Perhaps the closest approach to an accurate description of a magical language is this: A magical
language is a swiftness and an orderliness of thought that relates and transforms any thought or
perception to and into any other thought and perception. The possessor of such a "language" is one
who sees all things in all things.
The first steps in obtain a magical language are commonly taken in learning and using "magical
correspondences". The most helpful of these are the correspondences to letters and sounds. Every
thought that can be expressed can be stated in words. These words are composed of letters and
sounds. By relating letters and sounds together abstractly, any word or thought can be related to any
other word or thought. The study of the structure and correspondences of magical words is the study
of the Names and Gates of Power. We have seen much of this before, but we will now begin a more
detailed study.



Owing to the existence of extensive lists of correspondences (see "Magical Correspondences" pages
1 - 11 and Crowley's "777") to the letters of the Hebrew language, most magical words in use today
and in the middle ages are either Hebrew or derived from Hebrew. Many Greek and Coptic magical
words are also used, but these are a bit harder to define and to analyze. When an unknown word is to
be used, the letters of that word may be transliterated into Hebrew, and the Hebrew correspondences
used. Later, when the student has had more experience, the words may be taken and studied without
reference to any language save that in which the words are written. Approximate transliterations
between Hebrew letters and English are shown below. The order used here is: English letter, Name of
Hebrew letter, Hebrew letter, Key number (as used in these notes --- see pages 1-3), additional Hebrew

A: Aleph, HB:A, 11; Ayin, HB:a'a, 26.
B: Beth, HB:B, 12.
C: Cheth, HB:Ch, 18; Koph, C, 21.
D: Daleth, HB:D, 14.
E: Yod, HB:a'a, 20; Heh, HB:H, 18.
F: Vau, HB:V, 16; Pe, HB:P, 27.
G: Gimmel, HB:G, 13.
H: Heh, HB:H, 15.
I: Yod, HB:a'a, 20.
J: Yod, HB:a'a, 20.
K: Koph, HB:K, 21; Cheth, HB:Ch, 18.
L: Lamed, HB:L, 22.
M: Mem, HB:M, 23.
N: Nun, HB:N, 24.
O: Ayin, HB:a'a, 26; Vau, HB:V, 16.
P: Pe, HB:P, 27.
Q: Qof, HB:Q, 29.
R: Resh, HB:R, 30.
S: Samekh, HB:S, 25; Shin, HB:Sh, 31.
T: Teth, HB:T, 19; Taw, HB:Th, 23; Tzaddi, HB:Tz, 28.
U: Vau, HB:V, 16.
V: Vau, HB:V, 16.
W: Vau, HB:V, 16.
X; (treat as though it is a "C" or "Z" depending on pronunciation).
Y: Yod, HB:Y, 20.
Z: Zayin, HB:Z, 17; Tzaddi, HB:Tz, 28.

Sometimes two English letters are best replaced by one Hebrew letter: CH, Cheth, HB:Ch, 18. TH,
Teth, HB:T, 19. TZ, Tzaddi, HB:Tz, 28. SH, Shin, HB:Sh, 31.
There are no perfect equivalents for the English vowels: A, E, I, O, U. Where "E" appears, the
letter may be left out in Hebrew. Where the other vowels appear, the above transliterations may be
used or the letter may be left out. For a more detailed list of transliterations from English to Hebrew,
see "Thelema Lodge Calendar", December 1986 e.v.


The simplest and, in some senses, the most powerful of the words of power are the words of ONE
LETTER. English is relatively poor in such words, "I" and "A" are about all. Each of the twenty-two
Hebrew letters may be used as a separate symbol, and several are used as particles (short words added
to other words to change their meanings). The individual letters may
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