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My dream

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My dream
Post # 1
I had a very weird dream today were i was in a house i do not know and i was with my mother and bother we were trying to get a ghost of a girl to leave the house. i tried to get her to leave and then some how it was just me and her in a room in the house the door was shut. The girl was about 4 feet tall black hair wore old fashion clothing and glass fair white sink me being the type of girl felt bad for trying to get her to leave and i bend my keen so she could sit on my leg she told me in a soft voice that she had a favor to ask that only i could do and look at me i felt a cold stare but answered what is it that you need me to do? she then told me " i need you to promise me to look after my mother furniture" i with out a second though looked at her and said yes she gave me a warm smile started to laugh and the dream started to fade the shadows appeared some how in my dream i know i was dead and i keep saying to my self i made a promise i will keep it and i heard the voice of the little girl laughing as i said that. out of the windows of what looked like a tool house it look like i was surround by water im from Texas and i can swim i hate water i told my self that there is now were for me to go but say inside. the there was a lady and her older son they were trying to get in but i would not let them in and then the water stated to rise every time i keep them from getting in i heard there voice they seemed panicked i heard the little girl voice she said i could leave if i had to that i had done more then what was expected of me i stated to glow gold like and said no i have to stay i made that promise and then the tool house was under water but no water ever got inside the tool house the dream end there because my mom was calling me to open the gate i felt tiered and a sharp pain in my chest i fell asleep two time in the day after that all i saw was pitch black and a girls vice that said u made a promise and the pain in my chest hurt like hell. I do not have heart problems as far as i know i do have asma but i get it in the fall all i know the voice sends a chill every time i thing about it and the way the girl laugh and the pain in my chest. i need to tell some one about this wired dream it really has taken a huge amount of energy from me today .
Thank You.
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