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Hallowed be thee ,

I am Harvest , it's lovely to have you stop by and check out my humble profile. So by my username one can easily come to the conclusion that I am a Harvest Witch . Though, no doubt many of you are questioning what that is and if it is some manner of "Green Witch" or such. Well I shall explain to you what my craft is below, so sit back and enjoy the rantings of a mad man.


Simply to put it, my practice is a blending of neo-druidic and shamanic ideals of animism blended with my folk magic upbringing. I do small rituals to honor the changing of the seasons, appease the genii loci and ancestors. I have a strong tie with the local faerfolk of which I give honor to Faerie Lord Oberon and Lady Titania. With their blessing, along with my patron of which I call Lord of the Harvest , I learn to balance myself with the Great Cycle , that of Sow and Reap, Growth and Decay, Order and Disorder. From my herbs I grow I use their medicinal properties to remedy my friends and self, and through my divination I divine fortunes of the days or year to come.