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Name: Zatudun
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Zatudün (Za-too-dee-oo-n) God of Beauty, Pleasure, and Stars | Luciferian Witch | The first step to becoming a god is believing in yourself | Xovitae is my GodSpouse forever.

I began practicing witchcraft in September 2009. Since I was so young things were mostly fluffy, vampires and the like. That phase passed by fast and I began to take my path very seriously. The first path I took seriously was Wicca. I also dabbled in Hellenstic Paganism, Basque Paganism, LaVeyan Satanism, Athiestic Witchery, and various other forms of witchcraft and witchery. Always sticking with the core belief in reincarnation.
I have always believed in past lives, even before I had an idea of mine. I began to practice past life regression in 2015. The first life I found out about was as a bobcat in the Mojave Dessert. The second, as an alien from a distant planet that no longer exists. I have since found out about a few other lives, none quite as distinct. Except, after finding my twin flame. I have no memories of the life we shared as one soul, but the connection we share is incredible.
My twin flame introduced me to Luciferianism not long ago. Luciferianism is a belief which focuses on self-diefication through self-liberation and self-development. The goal of Luciferianism is to unite all aspects of the self, the light and the dark, as well as mastering the physical and spiritual relm. Through Lucifer you too can become as God. I am just starting on this path and I have much to go.
Through this exploration I discovered my souls purpose. I am here in this to Ascend into a higher consciousness. I'm here to learn everything I can. I'm here to master all that I can in this life so I can move on to my own personal paradise in the next life.
This is the foundation for all I practice and believe. I still practice a base form of witchcraft I always have. I practice divination, spell work, herbalism, energy work, and am currently studying astrology.