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Name: Reb_Cj
Birthday: Mar 16 2003
Location: In Harry's broom closet
Gender: Female
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Heya! This account is tied to 'Reb' my other account, just to let yall know. I'm interested in Dark arts, Astral Projection, Stone Magic and Lucid Dreaming, and am currently learning anything to do with Dark magic. I'm a great person to get to know and i hope your all having an amazing day/night! Hugs are awesome and everyone deserves a hug *Hugs everyone* I'm a Lesbian, but am currently trapped in the closet under Harry's staircase about my sexuality. I'm a pretty darn flirtatious person, so i'm sorry if i confuse you. I love to draw, read, play/create music and love to drum. I am pretty emo person and mainly keep to myself. Blessed be~