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Name: BubblyAngel
Location: locked away, lost and forgotten 0^0
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---------------------------------------------------- ~~Show me where the angels die~~ ----------------------------------------------------- ___________________________________________________________________________________________ __________"When all you got is these four walls, it's not that hard to feel so small or even exist at all..." ________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________ "Dying is a gift so close your eyes and rest in peace" _________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ __ "It is impossible to cut the puppet master's strings when you don't even know that you're the puppet." ______ _________________________________________________________________________________________ "She painted a pretty picture, but her picture had a twist. You see her mind was her razor, and her heart was her wrist." ____________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ "I would like it if people who message me first will try and keep a conversation going because I tend to get offended by bland messages. Thank you."________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ "You always hear about how self-harmers are "Emo" or an "Attention Seeker" but self harms isn't a joke. It takes a lot to get to the point of turning mental pain into physical pain. When you sit there and make fun of them , you're just making them pull down their sleeves, put on a pair of pants, and hide their skin even more, you are pushing them further and further into a hole. And if you don't be careful with what you say, that hole will turn into their grave."___________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ "I am a grenade, and at some point I am going to blow up and I would like to minimize the casualties, okay?" _________________________________________________________________________________________ "You don't know this new me.... I put my pieces together differently..."